Fake Teens Part I: James Hogue

"You ever come across anything like time travel?" - Uncle Rico, Napoleon DynamiteJames Arthur Hogue, now 51, was possibly the first high-profile fake teen. Unlike the "serial teens" we'll meet later in this series, his reasons for impersonating a high-schooler weren't terribly complex: He wanted a second shot at athletic glory, and he felt entitled... Continue Reading →

Another Kaycee

Conspiracy Monday has been pre-empted by Kaycee Nicole Redux. But this time, the Sick Teenager Hoax is even more disturbing than usual... This time, the perp presented herself as a sweet 15-year-old Idaho cancer patient named Jonathan Jay White. Jonathan was diagnosed with brain cancer in April 2008, and like Kaycee Nicole he soon attracted... Continue Reading →

Faux Bro: The Not-So-True Story of J.T. LeRoy

A few years ago everyone was saying "You gotta read Sarah." This was a 2000 novel by one J.T. LeRoy. I looked into it. J.T. LeRoy was a formerly homeless, waifish cross-dresser who hauled around a fax machine and exuded the introverted weirdness/hipness of Warhol. Sarah was about his own experiences as the son of... Continue Reading →

Anthony Godby Johnson, the Invisible Boy

Boy Wonder Tony Johnson was a dreamchild: A kid who excelled effortlessly in school, never accepted handouts, and was determined to better himself, despite having a childhood that might have made Dickens blanch. What follows is Anthony Godby Johnson’s story as he told it in his 1993 memoir, A Rock and a Hard Place: One... Continue Reading →

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