Best Search Terms

“illuminati joan rivers witch devil workshop”

“nasa vs. reptoids chilean miners”

“how do i join the illuminati court”

“feeling so alone with truth of sandy hook”

“should you eat snow knowing they spray chemtrails??”

“is oprah a shapeshifter and is she related to an ancient reptillian bloodline”

“have any criminal charges been filed against newtown connecticuts town board for their false flag event”

“audio messages on dealing with internal strangers caused by witchcraft”

“are there many gay hitmen in the mafia”

“porn stars who are demon possessed”

“are superheroes godly bob larson”

“have any of the sandy hook actors came out and told the truth yet”

“hypnotherapist open on sundays in los angeles alien abduction”

“what does willie nelson think of sandy hook?”

“rotary club is a satanic secret society”

“alien theory why pope retired”

“conspiracy of conspiracy”

“evil satanic aliens from another dimension transyuggothian”

“aspergers reptilians”

“sodomy tool used by illuminati for slaves electric”

“dodge magnum pimp costume”

“NESARA + stupidest thing ever”

“mentally ill people who stalk others to feed their low self-esteem and hate” (now that’s specific…)

“Michael Jackson conspiracy war theories”

“hazards of eating camel flesh by man”

“are alians running the world?”

“Giantess swallow(s) boy”

“the whys and wherefores of thermal heating”

“world’s stupidest hat”

“Camels cause AIDS”

“genuine resistance + camel”

“crack blackout”

“do you way a camel in pounds to ounces”

3 thoughts on “Best Search Terms

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  1. I just want to say that “Aspergers reptilians” is the best search term I think I’ve ever seen.

    Also I’m glad I found your site. I’m trying to figure out why people believe the illuminati conspiracy. The SRA I understand, I know people who would claim they were molested by alien lobsters if it made them special. The others though, hard to see the motivation to belive them.

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