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  1. Hi, I just found your bog and am very new to the blog world so ignorant would be the best word to describe my way around here. Great blog though and will be happy to return again and again to laugh at the idiots out there. I found your blog by trying to find info on two ‘theories’ that just crossed my path. The first concerns the Egyptian tomb in the grand canyon with a Smithsonian coverup to boot! The second is about an alleged 4000 year old Chinese map showing the entire planet that was handed over to the Library of Congress and to a coverup. I was wondering if you would address these goodies. Many thanks for your time,

  2. I found this site after some link or another lead me to your old Blogger page.

    Love some of these sites and some new ones to explore but wondering why you took down Operation Clambake?

    1. Never mind, I missed it in the list when I came back to see the sites I did not know…between that and the typos I made before editing on another page here I have made a real ass of myself on this blog’s comments lmao! 🙂

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