Following the Chemtrails IV: A Timeline of Significant Chemtrail Events

Part IV of Following the Chemtrails Where did it all begin? In researching chemtrail sightings and theories, I was stunned to learn that this phenomenon didn't begin with people noticing persistent contrails in the sky, wondering what they could be, and searching for explanations. Chemtrail theories actually began as a horror story about deliberate world... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Weirdness Roundup: Extra-Stoopid Edition

It's good to be back. My ThinkPad finally succumbed to a series of long-term ailments two weeks ago (Hans has a computer, but can't type with cloven hoofs. I think he just uses it for porn). I've now replaced it. So. On with the weirdness. Folks love a good feral child story. Probably because feral... Continue Reading →

Following the Chemtrails III.5: Aerial Spraying Operations, Past and Present

Now that we've covered anti-radar chaff, let's look at other military and civilian operations that involve aerial spraying. Parallels have been drawn between every one of these practices and chemtrails.   Biological and chemical warfare Cold War era U.S. and British experiments that involved aerial spraying of "surrogate biological agents" are discussed below ("Biowarfare Simulation... Continue Reading →

Following the Chemtrails III: Aerial Spraying Operations – Military Chaff

Almost as soon as any type of aircraft becomes widely available, it seems, people start to spray stuff out of it - for benign or malicious purposes. In 1906, an enterprising New Zealand farmer attempted to sow a flooded, temporarily inaccessible valley with seeds by sprinkling them from a tethered hot air balloon, and in... Continue Reading →

Chemtrails III Delay

"Chemtrails III (Aerial Spraying)" will be up tomorrow. But right now, let's all take a moment to reflect on the Higgs Boson and all the horrifying disasters that didn'thappen on the road to its discovery. And let's take a few seconds to mourn Chayya, a 16-year-old girl from Madhya Pradesh who killed herself over fears... Continue Reading →

Following the Chemtrails II: Contrails and Clouds

Long before there were commercial jet flights, observers on the ground were curious - and sometimes concerned - about the vapour trails that materialized behind planes. They are still being studied today. In this post, we'll look at some of the most frequently-asked questions about contrails. Why do some contrails persist while others rapidly fade?... Continue Reading →

Following the Chemtrails I: Jets

To understand contrails and sort out the chemtrail issue, we must first know a few things about the aircraft responsible for them. So let's start at the beginning. An Extremely Brief History of Jet Travel A jet aircraft is, quite simply, any aircraft powered by a jet engine (rockets and cruise missiles are also jet-propelled,... Continue Reading →

Chemtrail Week begins soon

Chemtrail Week will begin on Monday. In the meantime, bask in the glorious wisdom, insight, and stellar word-to-punctuation ratio of some anonymous lurker who recently commented on a 2-year-old post that barely mentions chemtrails: "Hahahahaha!! Whoever this clown is that wrote the article, eat me!! You are either a government agent or a complete fool.... Continue Reading →

Introduction to Following the Chemtrails

  In British Columbia, numerous Morgellons sufferers believe that mysterious fibers and microscopic slivers removed from their bodies are nanotech devices, sprayed onto the unwitting populace by jets. David Icke sees trails of gum-like residue littering the Isle of Wight and concludes that jets are spewing a toxic substance specially designed to kill us. The... Continue Reading →

Public Service Announcement

Contrail Chemtrail May 1-8 has been declared Canadian Chemtrail Awareness Week. So remember, the next time you see a contrail, think of it as a chemtrail. This message has been brought to you by The Committee for WTF Is In Our Oxygen.

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