Chemtrails III Delay

“Chemtrails III (Aerial Spraying)” will be up tomorrow. But right now, let’s all take a moment to reflect on the Higgs Boson and all the horrifying disasters that didn’thappen on the road to its discovery. And let’s take a few seconds to mourn Chayya, a 16-year-old girl from Madhya Pradesh who killed herself over fears about the Large Hadron Collider in September 2008.

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  1. This isn't a comment on the blog post – apologies, but I wasn't sure how to send you an email.I came across a superb conspiracy theory the other day on a trad. Catholic forum I follow when I'm feeling particularly keen on Loony-Hunting (I'm a Catholic converted from Judaism; my parents were Communists and my father a Freemason, so I only need a bit of Satanism and Illuminati-ism to get the full set). Anyway, among trad. Catholics, there's a strong belief that the Third Secret of Fatima (átima) is being covered up by the Evil Vatican; the guy who posted most of the stuff in the link below is convinced that the last surviving seer of Fatima was actually replaced by a not-quite-lookalike, though precisely when, how and why is not completely clear. I thought you might like to check it out.

  2. That's definitely a new one to me. I've heard lots of wacky Fatima theories involving UFOs and cover-ups, but never a lookalike replacement theory.

  3. Yep. The big problem, of course, is to explain why anyone would bother. But you won't be surprised to find that the theory's proponent has produced a totally convincing explanation."Sister Lucy was someone who spoke to the Blessed Virgin and could do so again. The enemies of God were poised to launch revolution following the death of Pius XII, but she could have received a message, announced it to an eager world like no one else on the planet and foiled their plans. As such, no need to bother with the revolution if she could scotch it in a broadcast that hundreds of millions of Catholics would have taken to heart. She had to be murdered but must not be amiss. She was killed and replaced with all the nastyness, planning and conspiracy that entails. Impossible? Not if it's done right with the right kind of pressure, threats and rewards such as an eastern block communist country could easily provide. And remember, it was Benedict XVI who buried the Third Secret in a pile of non-sense."And if you remain unconvinced, you are obviously a Jewish Communist Masonic Illuminatist New-World-Order type who's probably in on the plot.

  4. Wow. Just wow. I used to read conspiracy theories for fun. I mean, why read science fiction when you can read all kinds of nonsense on the 'net, which is just as entertaining? The fact that people believed this idiocy was part of the enjoyment. But now I'm both bored and annoyed with conspiracy theories. Partly because there are no "rules." In science fiction at least the plot has to be plausible. With conspiracy theories EVERYONE can be in on "it," and people often hold conflicting beliefs: the US government never went to the moon but they want to cover up the evidence of their secret military bases, as one example. Also, these idiots are dangerous. They are anti-Semitic (which they rabidly deny), anti-Catholic, anti-Mormon (they're shapeshifting lizards, you know), anti-science, against technology and any kind of progress, anti-environmentalism, and anti-animal. Oh, I almost forgot, anti-pagan.One major example of their silliness is the website stupid website allows people to watch all the movies and participate in the Hollywood culture, while feeling superior to everyone who takes it "straight." (They don't watch movies for entertainment like all the other sheeple, they watch movies to decode what the illuminati is next going to do to us.) In other words, it's research. Kind of like people who rail against pornography, but buy it to keep informed of what's out there. I am so glad there is a blog like STC to counteract this lunacy, although it must be a full-time job. Keep up the good work.

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