Will Sandy Hook Conspiranoia Go Mainstream?

As reported last week by Salon, relatively normal people like twentysomething New Yorker Brendan Hunt are now embracing alternative Sandy Hook theories. They're harassing interviewing witnesses, searching for other gunmen, and trying to tie the tragedy to secret societies and/or the military-industrial complex in any way possible. Hunt is by no means a self-proclaimed messiah... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Weirdness Roundup

Do you know this suburban twentysomething wild teenager? For the past nine months, a young Kaspar Hauser clone in Germany has been insisting he was raised in the woods for the past 5 years, knows only his first name ("Ray"), and that he buried his father (his only known relative) in an unmarked forest grave... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Weirdness Roundup

Martian plesiosaurs, Mossad sharks, and teleporting dolphins. Oh my. Felicity Lowde, convicted in 2007 of harassing 7/7 bombing survivor Rachel North, has now turned her cybertongue against Pagans and Freemasons in Bristol, speculating they may have abducted and ritually murdered Joanne Yeates in a macabre Solstice initiation ceremony. Circumstantial evidence includes the fact that some... Continue Reading →

Canada’s Top 5 Strangest Conspiracy Theories (in honour of Canada Day)

This is a tricky post because Canadians, in general, are not a paranoid people. Our conspiracizing is mostly limited to things like, "They must put extra caffeine in this Tim Horton's coffee, eh?" (which has been thoroughly debunked, BTW). In fact, we have so few conspiracy theories that people have to invent them for us.... Continue Reading →

A *World Leader* Joins the Quest for *Truth*

Iran's Ahmedinejad: Sept. 11 attacks a 'big lie' This must be a proud day for many Truthers. When a Holocaust denier who always wears the same Wal-Mart jacket thinks you're on to something, you know you've arrived. Viva la retardement!

Wednesday Weirdness Roundup

Apparently, it's unofficial Nazi Retard Week in Canada. 2010 is still young, but the year is already so full of stupid that I'm surprised there's still room left over for anything else... (recommended mood music) - In a podcast interview posted at the ragingly anti-Zionist blog of Montreal 9/11 Truth, pioneer Truther and "anti-Zionist" Eric... Continue Reading →

Two Years Among the Truthers

The Significant Other has retired from 9/11 Truth activism after 2+ years. I have come to realize that total immersion in this movement can be more damaging to the psyche than I ever imagined. I even feel physically lighter now that I'm not reliving the trauma and pain of 9/11 every single day - watching... Continue Reading →

Wedneday Weirdness Roundup

Some 9/11 Truthers in the U.S. and Canada will soon be standing outside newspaper and media offices to hand out fliers that advertise a website devoted to Barry Jennings, in the hopes that the truth about his death or disappearance will finally come to light. Jennings was a New York Housing Authority emergency coordinator who,... Continue Reading →

Perils of Paranoia: Remember the Alamo

Perhaps you have run across the website Spiritually Smart in your online travels. It was a sprawling and exhaustive archive of Jesuit perfidy, Catholic misdeeds, and general paranoia, established and maintained by a young Long Island native who renounced his Catholic upbringing after reading some Chick tracts and the outrageously bogus stories of Alberto Rivera.... Continue Reading →

Rock Creek B.S.

Have you hugged a pirate today? Perhaps some of you have read The Rock Creek Free Press, an alternative monthly newspaper published in Maryland. I don't know how, but a stack of them ended up in the possession of the Significant Other via one of his Truther associates, and I had the *privilege* of reading... Continue Reading →

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