Where is that Mock Turtle?

I'm getting a lot of hell from Truther friends for not blindly accepting the latest *PROOF* from Stephen E. Jones. Some days, I just sit around and wait for the Mock Turtle to show up.

Wednesday Weirdness Roundup

If you thought Mormon Zeitgeist was bizarre, check out Richard Evans' thoughts on the Mountain Meadows massacre, posted at Henry Makow's website. Evans suggests the massacre, which was apparently fueled by militant paranoia and some nasty rumours, was really a Satanic ritual sacrifice (you know, like 9/11). For the record, Makow is a batsh** insane... Continue Reading →

As if Zeitgeist isn’t stupid enough

Recently, a complete stranger called Cactusman sent this message to the Significant Other: "Incredible new info on 9/11: A group inside of America aided and abetted the terrorists, they've been at war with America since 1830, they infiltrated the Bush White House and all three terrorist events were related." He provided a link to the... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Weirdness Roundup + an announcement

April 1st seems like a fitting day on which to announce a change of format for Swallowing the Camel, so here's the deal: I'm going to cover one general topic a week, but will also (of course) post about whatever else snags my interest, plus the Wednesday Weirdness roundup. Mondays will feature posts about specific... Continue Reading →

Do you GET IT?

A friend kindly sent me the link to the creepy video TrutherBitch likes, so here it is. It's far worse than I remembered. The speaker wasn't a preacher, after all; he was an infamous Hollywood Red-hunter named Myron Fagan. And here's my very first post about TrutherBitch, from last summer. (I removed it back then... Continue Reading →

Friday Night Fun and Frivolity with TrutherBitch

The Truther/bitch known here as TrutherBitch is, as you've probably guessed from previous posts about her (here and here), a spam queen. Roughly every third email the Significant Other receives is from her, and 98% of them are written (I use the word loosely) in ALL CAPS, bold, and in 48. (ironic that when the... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Weirdness Roundup

20something guy overheard in a coffeeshop: "Primordial bacteria are killing fisherman; the planet is fighting back, just like in The Happening." He went on to say that Steven Spielberg deserves props for including the "suppressed" knowledge of head-binding in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, even though it was a crappy movie.... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Weirdness Roundup

Paula Oliviera, a 26-year-old Brazilian lawyer, claimed earlier this month that while visiting Switzerland she was assaulted by a group of neo-Nazi punks. The three skinheads grabbed her as she stood outside a train station in Zurich, speaking Portuguese over her cell phone. They made some racial slurs, then carved the initials of Switzerland's wildly... Continue Reading →

2 Strange Hoaxes. Or Not.

A couple of extremely weird hoaxes have been exposed recently. Or maybe they haven't. One might have been was a 9/11 Truther pseudocide, the other isn't really a hoax but might be a hoax by way of its non-hoaxiness. Update: The Truther, Ace Baker, is alive and "well". Scroll down for info. On January 6,... Continue Reading →

Martial Law Hysteria and Related Craziness

Many Truthers and believers in the NWO are excited about a clip from CNN-Pakistan, in which former ISI chief Hamid Gul "admits" that 9/11 and the Mumbai attacks were engineered in the U.S. Actually he's just expressing an opinion. To someone like me, who suspects Pakistan had some involvement in these attacks, Mr. Gul's message... Continue Reading →

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