As if Zeitgeist isn’t stupid enough

Recently, a complete stranger called Cactusman sent this message to the Significant Other: “Incredible new info on 9/11: A group inside of America aided and abetted the terrorists, they’ve been at war with America since 1830, they infiltrated the Bush White House and all three terrorist events were related.”

He provided a link to the site that exposes this sinister group. As it turns out, the group was also behind the ’93 World Trade Center bombing, the Oklahoma City bombing, the anthrax letters, and a gazillion other not-nice things. And its members have been able to hide in plain sight behind a wholesome facade, tax-exempt status, and little plastic nametags.

Forget the Freemasons, ignore the Zionists, disregard the Illuminati. It’s the Mormons we’ve got to stop, according to Mormon Zeitgeist.

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  1. What? Didn’t you know that the now Mormon owned Boy Scouts is actually a terrorist training system? Seriously?Though, sadly, I could almost believe that, given how they took an organization that was “originally” only marginally religious driven and since turned it into a Fundie boot camp, in which only “real believers” get to learn how to light fires, shoot guns, survive in the woods… wait, what was my point again?lolBut, seriously, seriously. Its probably the closest any 9/11 truther has ever come to a “real” conspiracy, and they still miss the boat.

  2. I think it’s the Girl Scouts you have to really watch out for. They have a lower profile, and they come on all innocent with their yummy little cookies. What’s in those cookies, hmm?

  3. Yes, but.. The Girl Scouts, so far, are not run by a megachurch, or any church at all, for the most part. Nor does their credo contain the words “morally upright, as in *Christian*”, then way many of the Boy Scout manuals do since they got bought out. Ever see Idiocracy? The Boy Scouts are the FDA, after Blamco got hold of them.Sadly, as with most such institutions, you are likely to find “some” troops that will let in “undesirables”, which the other groups can then point to and say, “See, we are not total assholes.” At least until someone complains, and they purge that troop of said undesirables.

  4. I admit, church ownership of a national kids’ org like the Boy Scouts is a little creepy. But wasn’t there always a religious element to the BS (correct me if I’m wrong)? Wasn’t there something in the oath about “doing my best to honor God and my country”, or something along those lines? Haven’t seen Idiocracy yet, but I am reminded of Arlington Road…

  5. You are a fine upstanding mormon, helping them to achieve their goals for world domination, and lull the public into believing they never killed kids in Mountain Meadows.

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