Wednesday Weirdness Roundup + an announcement

April 1st seems like a fitting day on which to announce a change of format for Swallowing the Camel, so here’s the deal: I’m going to cover one general topic a week, but will also (of course) post about whatever else snags my interest, plus the Wednesday Weirdness roundup. Mondays will feature posts about specific conspiracy theories, and/or bios of conspiracy theorists. I decided to go with the theme-a-week format because it’s just too hard to cover some topics in-depth with just random, sporadic posts about them. For instance, my long-planned post on gangstalking and mind control has been mushrooming out of control for about a year, and now it’s too monstrously huge to fit into two, three, or even four posts.

Anyway, on to this week’s weirdness…

  • Eric Hufschmid was one of the first 9/11 Truthers in America. In 2002 he published his book Painful Questions, which is still appreciated by some Truthers. Just two years ago, in fact, Kevin Barrett asked Amy Goodman to sign his copy of it. But most Truthers realize that Hufschmid is batsh** insane. He’s a rabid anti-Zionist who can’t seem to get along with anyone, and it’s been ages since he’s said anything even remotely coherent. Yesterday I came across this diatribe against the late Truther Dan Wallace, in which Hufschmid insists nearly all Truthers are secretly Zionists – including Holocaust denier Eric Williams (Screw Loose Change is just pretending he’s an anti-Semite, in order to cover up the fact that they are Zionists), We Are Change members like Wallace, and Kevin Barrett. This, despite the fact that Barrett recently announced his intention to leave the U.S. permanently because it’s “owned by Zionists” (sadly, he changed his mind a short time later). Sigh.
  • Possibly an April Fool’s Joke, but knowing how conspiracy theorists think, probably not: There’s a rumour going round that the debunking cable-access show Hardfire shares a P.O. box with a producer of hardcore porn. I’m not sure why anyone cares.
  • More evidence that actors will do anything to get noticed.
  • The weirdest Nightline I’ve ever seen: Hookers for Jesus. Deepak Chopra. A Red Bull-guzzling fundie giving a sermon in a Mickey Mouse T-shirt. “Demon caster-outer” Carlton Pearson wearing sunglasses for no apparent reason, which gives him a vaguely creepy Jim Jones/poker tournament vibe. This would make for a decent reality show.

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