What Others Have Said

  • “This man doesn’t like Sylvia Brown.” – SpiritualismLink forum admin
  • ” I piss on your site, and if you had any bit of intestinal fortitude to stand by your words, you too.” – Ed Chiarini
  • “Stop being a tool of the Depopulation policy and an accessory after the fact to War Crimes.” – Alfred Webre
  • “She clearly cannot tell truth from fiction and her social conditioning is working exceptionally well. I would know because I was just like her before I woke up.” – some Truther douche
  • “Not quite sure about the name, but it sounds kitschy-chic in a secular sort of way.” – The SkepTick

5 thoughts on “What Others Have Said

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  1. What a breath of fresh air this blog represents. Surely the writer is that child in the crowd who points out obvious nakedness.
    This website generously offers so many laughs.
    Most cultists tend to hover on the fringes, awaiting those cyclical moments throughout history when society en masse turns away from the light and regresses back into the dark cave and the cold comfort of illiteracy, ignorance, superstition and hatred. Not all that long ago, disingenuous disinformation would not go unchallenged. Nowadays more and more seem desperate to join a cult, almost any cult. Cult-think, group-think, non-think, it’s all gone mainstream, in direct inverse ratio to wilful abandonment of coherent rationality, the individual diminishment of any real capacity for critical thought – along with its corollary, the decay of self ownership. Perhaps rationality has mostly been too overrated. Certainly, few seem to even notice the rapid decline of reason. Twitter addiction induced cognitive impairment now spreads like a plague. Respectable science is under siege. Everywhere, ad hominen attacks systematically dismiss inquiring minds. Science itself has been made over as a fear based cult, supplanted by cargo cult faux science and “post normal” sham science, all of this facilitated by a world peopled with parasites and legal whores dedicated to assuring that at all times black is made to appear white.
    So thanks. A spade is seriously overdue to be called one, at last.

    1. I wrote that way in college during the first two years. When you need to crank out 3000 words you tend to say something with as many words as possible. Usually the audience is still trying to figure out what the fk you were trying to say other than $10 words, which is the case now.

      1. This audience member had no trouble reading it and appreciating the precision and poetry of Xyila’s words. Maybe you should have finished the last two years of college, Mark.

  2. There is not much to say, you have nailed it. I do admire your being so honest to not try to argue some point or another ( besides the obvious one ) and are content to simply report the facts as they present themselves. I kind of “doubted” Dr. Brown, and your elucidation there of Her has justified it. However much that there are some very Arrogant people in the various branches of medicine, I don’t think Medieval Satan Worship is big amongst them. To them, I think, it is Money That Matters. I also suspect that Dr. Brown and Elaine were using drugs ( namely methamphetamine ) in order to fuel their “wicked” imaginations about which they would then write. Which would also explain them having a messy house. Also I suspect that they may have been closer than roommates. And I seriously doubt even now that they are sincere Christians. Please feel free to respond to me.

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