Swallowing The Camel examines hoaxes, scams, controversies, rumours, schemes, bizarre ideas, bogus products, disinformation, misinformation, impractical jokes, literary fraud, and anything else that smells bad.

You may be asking, “What’s with the pig?” He’s our mascot, Hans The Not-So-Flying Pig.

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  1. Hello. I just found your blog (at the old location) while researching the rumor about David Carradine and the Ordo Templi Orientis. Very illuminating stuff. I just finished a rundown of Ordo Templi Orientis conspiracy theories on my own blog, but then I found that you’d done something similar. I am gradually working my way through your Prodigal Witch series. Some of these characters are very interesting and I kind of want to blog about them myself, but I don’t want to steal your thunder. Maybe I will do a general summary of the Satanic Panic, a phenomenon which has always interested me.

    I have some questions for you, if you don’t mind. What do you think motivated people like Schoebelen? He was the first one I’d read because I’d seen his film, yes, all nine hours of it – did you watch it? It’s like Harry Potter but they expect you to believe it’s true. I am fairly certain that the Knight guy was motivated by money, but the others? Is it possible they just wanted attention?

    Contact me if you can. You seen to share my interest in the truth about the Satanic Panic, and I would love to compare notes and swap stories.

      1. Sabine is currently in prison on remand, having violated her bail conditions. In November 2018 she will face 15 charges of violating a lifetime restraining order, and four charges of harassment. The case is expected to take three to four weeks to complete.


    1. Oh hey we have a new kind of crazy! Hooray! I was getting so tired of the old kind. Now, I know this is the internet and thus, SRS BIZNESS, however all caps makes my eyeballs bleed.

      I absolutely adore how you’re cherry-picking the definition of “occult” to fit your own needs by the way. Here’s the real definition that you’ll find in the dictionary:

      “oc·cult [uh-kuhlt, ok-uhlt]
      1. of or pertaining to magic, astrology, or any system claiming use or knowledge of secret or supernatural powers or agencies.
      2. beyond the range of ordinary knowledge or understanding; mysterious.
      3. secret; disclosed or communicated only to the initiated.
      4. hidden from view.
      a. not apparent on mere inspection but discoverable by experimentation.
      b. of a nature not understood, as physical qualities.
      c. dealing with such qualities; experimental: occult science.”

      Also, several of these black metal bands you are talking about are admitted “stage satanists” that is, they pretend to be satanists for the theatrics and publicity. The ones who are actual satanists are the real kind, not the child mollesting, murdering, etc. people described by those who are faking it to try and make sure everyone is a good little christian. There are also Metal bands who sound “satanic” and are actually nordic or some other form of heavy metal that uses the gutteral screams.

      tl;dr: You’re an idiot. Also, stop using ALL CAPS.

      P.S. Your naivety is ADORABLE.

    2. The thing is, there is a lot of misinformation out there…

      Take the paranormal stuff like ghosts and the like, which I write about. There are tons of fakes and frauds but there are also some very interesting cases as well, such as the Enfield Poltergeist, which are really strange, how great documentation and make one wonder.

      Then you have cases like the Amityville Horror haunting where despite some great incidents and great back story, have a lot of ‘holes’ in the tale, whether it be through disinformation from fools who believe Hollywood over Main St. or the Amityville Ghost Boy picture, which in my eyes is complete crap.

      (I won’t spam, tis not my purpose, but Google “Amityville Ghost Boy Debunked” and all of the first results lead to my borrowed theory and opinion on that one.)

      Point is, Satanism falls under the same kind of problems in my eyes, although honestly I have not done as much research as I need to to properly answer your ranting.

      I can say as a metal/rock fan/guitar player that those Black Metal bands were all crazy kids lashing out from a subculture that in my mind was created more through social issues and teenage nonsense, not Satan (where is a Church Lady Gif when I need one, but now I am dating myself).

      I also read LaVey’s Satanic Bible as a kid after King Diamond mentioned in an interview that on some page or another it states that no Satanist will harm children or animals…bought a copy to the dismay of the Waldenbooks guy (funny, he did not give me the same look when I bought Dianetics at around the same time, when that book has ruined far more many lives…maybe it was the volcano commercials on TV, it’s why I bought it lol).

      I also listen to Slayer at times as well as band steeped in ‘evil’ Morbid Angel and despite being freaked out by a picture that fell off the wall while blasting it, which was probably more to do with bass settings then Satan, I have yet to take part in a ritual a ritual. kill a baby. burn down a church or do other evil things like stealing carts from shopping centers.

      As I said I don’t have all the facts but I can tell we both need to go away and study a bit to have a rational view of this kind of thing…all is never what it seems…

      1. My kingdom for an edit button, I clicked post by accident before I could look it over, sorry about the typos folks…why yes, English is my first language, why do you ask? 🙂 😉

      2. Arrrrghhhh…and the Satanic Bible said a true Satanist will NOT harm children or animals, all apologies to the few people who will spread nonsense from my typo!

  3. Satan, who is the god of this world, has blinded the minds of those who don’t believe. They are unable to see the glorious light of the Good News. They don’t understand this message about the glory of Christ, who is the exact likeness of God.

    1. I thought you guys believed that God (as in Jehova, Yaweh, etc.) was the only god? If that is true, how can Satan be “god of this world”?

      However, now that I have brought that up I feel I must also point out that The Bible itself acknowledges the existence of other gods. In the Ten Commandments, no less. “I am The Lord, thy God. Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” Which is to say “I’m IMPORTANT damnit!”

      Speaking of “Other Gods,” did you know that Judaism (and thus by extension Christianity) began as a small cult (that is, deity specific group of worshipers) of a polytheistic religion? It’s really quite fascinating to look into. Especially when you find out that the chief deity of that religion’s name was “Ba’al.” (Ba’al meaning Lord. Only priests were allowed to use his true name, Hadad) The abrahamic God was a minor War God within this society until a conflict between the cult and the rest of religion caused a schism which brought them to prominence. THIS is the reason that the Ten Commandments mentions “other gods” and “no other god before me”. This is also why current society calls “Satan” Baalzebub (often corrupted to Beelzebub). Ba’al Zebûb literally means both Lord of the Flies and Lord of Heavenly Dwelling. The latter fell out of favor when the Abrahamic god came into prominence because he was not, in fact, Ba’al Zebûb. Thus “Lord of the Flies” it remains. When the concept of The Devil was introduced, this title was given to him for two reasons. First, because as flies are considered unclean and the devil is the lord of unclean things, he was the lord of flies. Second, it was a way to slander the former pantheon to which Yaweh belonged.

      Isn’t History fun?

      1. A very “scholarly” – sounding utterance of patent nonsense. The difference between false, little “g” gods and the Living God of the Bible is that they, including the (little g) god of this world, revealed in Isaiah 14 and Ezekiel 28, are rightfully subject to man, and wrongfully submited to by him, whereas all men and (little g) gods plus angelic beings such as the Devil and his angels, are the abject thralls of the Living God’s Omnipotent Sovereignty. The commandment is for our welfare and benefit, not to shelter some petty deity’s insecurities. See Islam for a god matching the description of the one you FALSELY ascribe to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob: Jesus Christ.

      2. I’m 99-100% certain that Jesus Christ was NOT the “God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob”. The reason being that Jesus Christ had not been a person yet in the time of either of these three gentlemen. The father had yet to have a son, as it were.

    2. Funny you mention ‘blinded minds’….I have every respect for Jesus and most of the teachings of the Bible although some of it’s followers leave a lot to be desired.

      However, being blinded can work in both directions, make sure your faith has not blinded you to facts about other faiths, history of your own faith and respect/love/peace for others who may not sing the same song as you but still have a right to their own philosophy.

    1. wow that site is all kinds of fucked up. I’m not going to lie I almost marked your post as spam based on the first third of the page (until I found the actual content). The fact that it has ads that get past my adblockers (yes, plural) alone is impressive.

  4. Hey, it’s Protagonist again. I was wondering if you might be interested in collaborating a bit at some point. We seem interested in some of the same things. I just ordered this really interesting rare conspiranoia book about the occult, which should be arriving soon.

  5. Any ideas on the haunting story out of Gary, IN? I normally don’t pay attention to these things, but the fact that there are multiple witnesses from emergency services, including the police captain and staff at the local hospital who saw the kid walk backwards up the wall, to events in and outside of the house has me wondering about it (which I don’t like, but I do like being intellectually honest and not simply dismiss these things out of hand) The best story I think was in the Indianapolis Star.


  6. – Duncan O’Finioan, who was inducted into a secret government program called Project Talent in the back room of a Kentucky hardware store when he was 6 years old. Talent turned kids into psychic supersoldiers capable of killing with the power of their minds; O’Finioan and others were used in Vietnam. He also has a bionic arm.
    Get your shit straight before you take a swipe at me.

    1. All information comes directly from your own interview with Project Camelot.

      If you would like to retract or explain some of the things you said during that interview, feel free. X-ray images of the bionic arm would also be appreciated.

  7. Please remove all Ghost stories and debunkings to a separate sub-blog of this one. It is like listening to people argue about the meaning and definition of terms like “Nothing” or “Being”. And Pleeze don’t get into Logical and “semantical” analysis of the bible, or any other “sacred” books. Both of those areas are bottomless pits of “hair” splitting and waste Terra bytes of server space an time.

  8. Hi. Like your site, but cannot find the current updates, such as “The ‘Impossible’ Death of Gary Webb”. Clicking on “read more” sends me to “Page Not Found”. Last post able to access is “2014: The Year in Psychic Fail”. Hope that you have a solution for me. Thanks!

  9. Is this site official dead? I haven’t seen any new content in two years. I love this blog and am so sad to see it not being updated!

  10. I just noted my comment from 2008 and your interest in following up – wondering if you are still around – du story dash owner at yahoogroups dot com

  11. Hi! I’ve been bedbound after surgery and your blog almost makes it fun. I love the dissection of hoaxes and conspiracies and you write about them so eloquently with just the right amount of wry humour. Please never stop because you have a reader for life in me!

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