Wednesday Weirdness Roundup

  • If you thought Mormon Zeitgeist was bizarre, check out Richard Evans’ thoughts on the Mountain Meadows massacre, posted at Henry Makow’s website. Evans suggests the massacre, which was apparently fueled by militant paranoia and some nasty rumours, was really a Satanic ritual sacrifice (you know, like 9/11). For the record, Makow is a batsh** insane man who thinks Zionism, Satanic/Illuminati stuff, feminism, and Sapphic overtones in candy bar commercials are destroying Western civilization.
  • This incredibly shaky, out-of-focus, low-def video shows “alien looking people on top of a building”! Really! ‘Cause we all know that aliens don’t have anything better to do than wander around on rooftops, right? I mean, that makes sacrificing years of their lives to travel across vast interstellar distances worth it.
  • Calgary 9/11 Truth actually posted this on its website: The two-man comedy troupe conspiracy research org Project Camelot has released an interview with a “young woman who was present in the room when the order to shoot down Flight 93 was given”. She’s anonymous, of course, but as she claims she was “one of the top three people in the company”, it shouldn’t be too difficult for the Illuminati overlords to track her down. In the meantime, let’s all ignore the fact that she has supposedly been sitting on this crucial information for nearly a decade. Or the fact that when she decided to finally blow the whistle to someone, she selected the same people who interviewed a psychic assassin with a bionic arm, Dr. Bill Deagle, and a Russian kid who lived a previous life on Mars.

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  1. I love how Nelson says she was watching the video of the first plane hitting the first tower and says it was before any news coverage. She claims she said “Holy sh*t”.If you look at the footage from Cnn of the first tower hit, there’s a person in the background shouting the same thing! ( obviously was seeing a replay of that footage and didn’t know it. Can anyone shed some light on when CNN aired that first??

  2. Thank you for the links to the Mankow site. His insane rantins (particularly on Nestle’s lesbian agenda) were the funniest things I have all week.

  3. Well, what good is paranoia if you can’t get some laughs out of it? Eddy, good eye! It’s little things like that that usually trip up bogus whistleblowers. One guy standing outside the Salomon Bros. building (WTC 7) swore that he had to run for his life when the building “exploded”. Problem was, he was standing very close to Amy Goodman, who didn’t have to run for her life…

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