Tin Foil Hat Lady: “The Subversive Lecture”

Tin Foil Hat Lady: "The Subversive Lecture" WARNING: Please don't watch this clip unless you're cool with your ears bleeding. Saskatchewan's Tin Foil Hat Lady has my nomination for World's Most Obnoxious Truther. She uses a combination of "comedy", "acting", and "fact" to "wake up the sheeple". Whatever you call it, it's hellishly annoying and... Continue Reading →

“You Just Don’t Get It”

My signif other has asked me not to blog about any of his Truther friends (although he no longer self-identifies as a Truther, he still believes 9/11 might have been a false flag operation, and does not want to offend the Truthers with whom he remains friendly). I have honored his wish to the best... Continue Reading →

A Slander That Just Won’t Die

Where does ignorance end and anti-semitism begin? The Liberal candidate for the Winnipeg riding of Kildonan-St. Paul, Lesley Hughes, has been asked to resign. Sort of. Her name will still appear on the ballot, since it's too late to remove her from it. Ms. Hughes is a former CBC radio host who also edited Canadian... Continue Reading →

Behind the Front Lines of 9/11 Truth

Sadly I have not had ample time to blog lately - the signif other's 9/11 Truth event is on this weekend, and preparations have been frenzied for weeks. I spent this evening at a pizza joint, seated between Kevin Barrett and a local Truther who insisted on drawing simplified diagrams of the World Trade Center... Continue Reading →

Coupla Updates on June Stories

Tabloid Baby reports that the peeping-alien footage almost released by Denver's exopolitical whackadoo Jeff Peckman in June was actually shown on some crappy TV show a decade ago. 9/11 Truther Blair Gadsby finished his hunger strike after 16 days. He's in good condition, but reports that his doctor has warned him of long-term kidney and... Continue Reading →

The Great Gadsby

"The world's first 9/11 hunger strike": An empty stomach and an empty gesture? It's been nearly a week since Pheonix 9/11 Truther Blair Gadsby began his hunger strike in a bid to win an audience with John McCain. Gadsby has reportedly dropped 8 pounds from his already skinny frame, yet I still have no idea... Continue Reading →

Thanks a Lot, THEM…

A 2004 article by a New Age conspiracy dude who calls himself "cbsworks" offers this bit of wisdom: "Mel Gibson is a THEM. In his movie, THE PATRIOT, his first words are, when weighing a chair: '9 pounds, eleven ounces...perfect.' This was a message to many CIA operatives and the elite that plans were going... Continue Reading →

The World of Dr. Deagle

Dr. William Deagle is a physician, a prophet, a government insider/whistleblower, and one of the two witnesses described in the Book of Revelation. He knows what really happened at Columbine, the World Trade Center, and Oklahoma City. He could be the ruler of the world, but he has chosen to enlighten the masses instead. Thanks... Continue Reading →

Do you GET IT?

I spent 2+ hours of my Saturday having coffee with some of the Significant Other's fellow Truthers after a rally to protest what they believe to be an impending North American Union. It felt much like a religious gathering. It started out with a middle-aged woman from B.C. telling the signif other that it was... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Alice in Wonderland and the World Trade Center Disaster by David Icke

This one definitely wasn't on my winter reading list, but my Signif Other brought it home from a kooky New Age bookstore and I just couldn't resist, even though it reeks of incense.For those not familiar with Mr. David Icke (pronounced "Ike"), a crash course: He's a former UK football player and sports presenter who... Continue Reading →

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