Thanks a Lot, THEM…

A 2004 article by a New Age conspiracy dude who calls himself “cbsworks” offers this bit of wisdom:

“Mel Gibson is a THEM. In his movie, THE PATRIOT, his first words are, when weighing a chair: ‘9 pounds, eleven ounces…perfect.’ This was a message to many CIA operatives and the elite that plans were going forward.”

For the love of God, why can’t They use email? Must the bastards produce a Mel Gibson flick each and every time They have something to say to each other?!

I guess hanging around with untalented, alcoholic bigots has rendered THEM functionally retarded. They could just use webdings to convey their coded messages, like this: BE SURE TO DRINK YOUR OVALTINE.

(I found out that cbsworks is Don Bradley, a psychically gifted ex-Illuminati member, an oracle for The Great White Brotherhood, a former Mason, a Rosicrucian, an author, a composer and classical musician, a syndicated columnist, a credentialed teacher, and a network engineer. His friend Don Croft says Bradley was “rigorously and personally trained after adolescence by one of the dark masters, named Torkum Sassarian, who personally oversaw the creation of the hippie movement”. His parents were both from Illuminati bloodlines, though his mum was sold to his CIA/Satan-worshipping father for $1300, by the Jesuits.)

And speaking of craziness, here’s a weirdly religious-looking video of an Alex Jones temper tantrum – his worst yet: “Question Your Reality“. He says his childhood consumption of tapwater reduced his IQ by at least 20 points (odd that he would even trust such a racist, Establishment, artificial scale as IQ!), and that water fluoridation is yet another dumbing-down/depopulation scheme of the elite.
Now, I’m not saying that all of the statements made about fluoride’s harmful effects are untrue, but you tell me which is worse … getting sick from fluoride, or ranting your way into a heart attack?

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  1. Every month a letter arrives from my water company. It describes a cancer causing chemical, that I should warn any stranger that drinks the water about. The letter says that certain sensitive people who drink the water may have a immediate physical reaction (although they don’t say what this reaction is–heart attack or seizure maybe?) Long term exposure to the chemical has been shown to cause cancer in lab rats. What is ironic about this is the name of the water company is: Pure Water Company. They go on to say that they are working on resolving the problem, but month after month here comes the same freaking letter. Flouride shouldn’t be much of a problem compared to the disasterous death I face if I don’t move away from this pure hell water company. Hmmmm? Where in the world do you find these people? Ever listen to Coast to Coast AM?

  2. Yeek! That’s spooky, a form letter that basically says, “This water will probably kill you and there’s nothing we can or will do about it anytime in the foreseeable future, terribly sorry. Enjoy your water! Here’s your bill!”I can’t recall exactly how I found Don Bradley, but I do listen to Coast to Coast…Art Bell and George Noory have a huuuge following in my city. I hadn’t even heard of them until I moved here. Watercooler chat revolves around numerology, bottomless holes, and people who can make grilled cheese sandwiches with the power of their minds.

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  4. Ah yes, “wow gold” has been with me for a long time. I guess he’s a fan. Even though I don’t play World of Warcraft and can’t read Chinese.

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