“You Just Don’t Get It”

My signif other has asked me not to blog about any of his Truther friends (although he no longer self-identifies as a Truther, he still believes 9/11 might have been a false flag operation, and does not want to offend the Truthers with whom he remains friendly). I have honored his wish to the best of my ability. Until now. Yesterday he received an editorial about “religious persecution” from a female Truther, and asked me to forward it to another friend who might find it interesting. I did so, and found that the editorial concerns this:

“How Same-Sex Marriage Affects All of Us”

I respect anyone’s right to hew to their religious principles and share their views with others, but to label this incident as an example of “persecution” strikes me as ridiculous. I doubt that little Johny is going to be irreparably scarred by browsing through a book that depicts two men preparing breakfast for their child. It’s not like the school was handing out copies of 28 Dicks Later.

This was sent to us by the same woman who, less than five minutes after meeting me, turned to my signif other and said, “Oh my, it must be so hard for you to be with someone who just doesn’t get it [the “truth” about 9/11].” She spent the next half hour disparaging me for saying that if drafted, I would serve because I am a law-abiding citizen who doesn’t consider myself better than anyone else. Why should other draftees risk their lives for their country while I stay home and berate them for doing their duty? I patiently tried to explain my position to her, but she didn’t “get it”, either.

In short, this woman is kind of a bitch, and I now regret being so civil to her when she was so blatantly rude to me.

I respect freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and freedom of the press. I respect people’s right to be wrong, and you can count on me to defend that right. But never, and I mean never, count on me to agree with your bigoted, ignorant propaganda. If I ever see this woman again (and I really hope I don’t), she’ll be the one getting an earful.

P.S. This lady also sent us a copy of The Reflecting Pool. She’s uber-concerned about the North American Union and the New World Order, fluoride, and HAARP. I wouldn’t expect much more from someone who prefaces every other sentence with “Alex Jones says…”

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  1. I’m even more irritated at that couple in Massachusetts. How could that guy expect NOT to be arrested, marching into a school and refusing to leave until he gets his own way?! Besides, what does a school district in Massachusetts have to do with a proposal in California?Ugh.

  2. Zombieslayer just went to a “No to Prop 8” rally. ;)They’re using scare tactics by showing how terrible the situation in Mass. is. “Look CA, this can happen to YOU!” Their idea of terrible and mine, are 2 different things.

  3. Good for ZS! :)The stuff wasn’t even being taught in the classroom; the school just sent home some material and left it up to parents whether to use it or not. Sheesh. I thought we were beyond the Anita Bryant “save our children from the evil homos” crap, already.

  4. Well…The chapter of the International Homosexual Conspiracy (TM) that I belong to just uses mind-control beams to directly implant the thought: "Gay people are good and nice" into entire classrooms of innocent kiddies. Teehee.Seriously, though – I'm a gay man who helped a straight woman raise her children after their born-again father deserted her with 3 kids under the age of 6. I'm happy & proud to say that they call me Dad to this very day. Who is a better role-model for little boys – me, or their evangelical deadbeat biological father?-Roy

  5. I think the answer to that is so beautifully obvious, SoG, I won’t even answer it. I commend anyone who has the patience and guts to raise children; lifestyle, orientation, religious affiliation etc. are totally irrelevant to that. The person who’s behind the front lines doing the hard work of parenting IS a parent, period. I wish everyone could look at the fact that children in gay households are being raised in safe, loving environments and be happy about that, because so many children (even those in straight, “godly” homes) aren’t.

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