Tin Foil Hat Lady: “The Subversive Lecture”

Tin Foil Hat Lady: “The Subversive Lecture”

WARNING: Please don’t watch this clip unless you’re cool with your ears bleeding.

Saskatchewan’s Tin Foil Hat Lady has my nomination for World’s Most Obnoxious Truther. She uses a combination of “comedy”, “acting”, and “fact” to “wake up the sheeple”. Whatever you call it, it’s hellishly annoying and about as educational as an Archie comic.

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  1. I’m Swallowing the Camel’s fellow/ her guy… but yes ! I’m a huge fan of the Tin Foil Lady… Keep at it Berta, your doing great work for an important cause! A Fan and fellow 9/11 truther from Edmonton 9/11 Truth…Richard. If ever in Edmonton, maybe we should put together an event and have you as our guest … Yada! your creativity rocks! heard you on UNBOUGHT and UNBOSSED!

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