Do you GET IT?

I spent 2+ hours of my Saturday having coffee with some of the Significant Other’s fellow Truthers after a rally to protest what they believe to be an impending North American Union. It felt much like a religious gathering. It started out with a middle-aged woman from B.C. telling the signif other that it was must be awfully hard to be with a non-Truther like me, or as she put it, “someone who doesn’t GET IT.” She asked me, “But you GET IT, right, dear?” Since I don’t know what the bloody hell GETTING IT is supposed to encompass, I simply said, “I’m not a Truther, if that’s what you mean.”
The woman and her two daughters were sporting Truth T-shirts designed by her brother, also a Truther. “He makes chemtrail shirts, too,” she told us. “He gets a lot of attention when he wears his.”
She was appalled that I would submit to a U.S. draft rather than become a draft dodger. I calmly explained to her, several times, that even though I am a pacifist who doesn’t support wars of aggression, I’m also a law-abiding citizen who doesn’t want to, y’know, be an international fugitive for the rest of my natural life. She still didn’t get it.
I was then treated to a stunningly broad range of paranoia and misinformation:

  • Pyramids and rectangles are used by The Agenda to further their brainwashing goals, and this is evident in the recycling symbol (which is actually a Moebius strip, not a pyramid, but never mind)
  • The concept of man-made global warming is the Master Agenda plot to usher in the One World Government using pollution-based taxes
  • Planet X, home of the Nephilim of the Old Testament (who apparently genetically engineered the Druids and their Illuminati descendants, or something), will be passing close to Earth soon. The Rothschilds will get to meet their makers, literally.
  • The movie Thank You for Smoking is full of Nazi symbolism (intentional Agenda brainwashing, of course), as well as a sinister scene in an elementary-school classroom in which the U.S. Presidents are displayed above the blackboard.
  • Aspartame and fluoride are good ways to broach the subject of 9/11, because the folks who don’t GET IT are only concerned with matters of their own health and well-being.
  • And of course lots of praise for Alex Jones and David Icke

This woman was terribly worried about aspartame and fluoride, yet tittered when I mentioned being a vegetarian and asked glibly, “Well, how’s that working out?” as if I was talking about scrapbooking or knitting a potholder or something. So…let me get this straight…tapwater is the Devil’s Excretion, but it’s fine ‘n’ dandy to stuff your face with dead, hormone-riddled animals who were abused and slaughtered in dismal corporate farms? Oh, OK, just so I’m straight on that. Thanks.

I need a nap. I’m exhausted just listening to so much nonsense in a single afternoon.

With all the problems facing our world, must we invent extra threats and conspiracies with which to worry ourselves and harrass others? I just don’t get it.

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  1. I love this blog. Mainly because you say what I cannot……. to my family. With one exception, they think it was the LEFT wing that did it all. Paranoia-survival kit should include a micro-recorder, just to mess with their minds.-Little Bird

  2. Heh, if I could mess with paranoid minds on a cross-country trip, I wouldn’t need a survival kit. That’d be all the entertainment I’d need…

  3. Every once in a while, you run into a conspiracy nut who is utterly crazy on one and only one axis, and then you have to worry that maybe they know something you don’t, because they are totally rational in every other way.But not usually. Usually, you scratch a little and suddenly they’re quoting the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and talking about gunfights against the Reptoids somewhere under Dulce. Then you sigh a breath of relief.

  4. Fluoride is pretty good but I think there’s perception, a recognition, at least among some True Believers, that it’s a target of mockery by the “sheep”. But chemtrails… man, that’s an instant tag. I have yet to see anyone who believed in chemtrails who realized, who had any inkling at all, how irrational they sound. And it’s clear-cut: either you understand what happens when a jet engine operates at altitude, or you are certain the NWO is poisoning the world. No middle ground.

  5. Chemtrails are a definite marker of disorganized thinking, but the people who compulsively photograph them and keep file folders full of those photos…well, they’re screwed. Reality has just passed them by.

  6. Have you seen the 2-hour free film Zeitgeist? I sat through it. For the first 20 minutes or so, it looks very promising. But then it takes a left turn into Bizarreland.It neatly sets forth the 9/11 Truth belief system in a concise, easy-to-digest manner, making it clear that 9/11 is only a small part of the real conspiracy, which includes organized Christianity and national and international banking, all of which exist for the sole purpose of controlling us all.It’s worth 2 hours just to try to wrap your mind around the madness.

  7. I have, indeed, seen Zeitgeist. I should write a review. I found it derivative, at times ridiculous, interesting but mainly worthless. I live with a Truther, am friends with a member of the anti-banking Social Credit Party, and saw Brian Fleming’s The God Who Wasn’t There – so all those bases were already covered for me. Even without such a background, the religion segment is old news for anyone aquainted with mythology and the history of the Bible.

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