Wednesday Weirdness Roundup

  • 20something guy overheard in a coffeeshop: “Primordial bacteria are killing fisherman; the planet is fighting back, just like in The Happening.” He went on to say that Steven Spielberg deserves props for including the “suppressed” knowledge of head-binding in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, even though it was a crappy movie. Museums long ago removed all evidence of the practice from public display, he said, not stopping to wonder how – if it was really suppressed – he and Steven Spielberg knew about it in the first place.
  • For years, there have been rumours that cameras and/or microphones are concealed within digital TV converters; Big Brother by stealth. I first came across this in a May 2004 Vanity Fair article by Rich Cohen, “Welcome to the Conspiracy”. Back then, Scientific-Atlanta converter boxes were the prime suspects. Paul Watson of Prison Planet reported the hidden-microphone rumour as fact in 2006, claiming the mics were first installed in the late ’90s but would not be activated until ’06 (reproduced here). But no one thought of dissecting a converter box until this guy came along … and sure enough, he found a camera. Of course he did. He put it there in the first place. As anyone who gives the idea more than a nanosecond of thought realizes, a camera (or any other recording device) inside a converter box would not be able to transmit any data. And conspiranoids have yet to explain how the New World Order will benefit from watching me floss during Lost.
  • Whoever created this truly bizarre YouTube presentation thinks former BYU professor and 9/11 Truther Steven E. Jones “weaponized cold fusion“. Perhaps I’ll have more to say about this later, when I’ve stopped laughing…

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  1. Oh my god. I just realised something. Somebody could make loads of money right now selling camera blocking devices on ebay. Just one layer of the specially formulated chemical adhesive over the front of your digital box will protect you from spies. It’s the latest in surveillance prevention technology (or blu-tack to you and me).

  2. That is a truly evil idea, because it would probably work. Now that I’m thinking of it, nearly anything could be marketed as anti-Big Brother/New World Order paraphernalia, just like the vegetable seeds sold as “survival seeds”. Maybe multivitamins would sell better as “your best defense against the depopulation agenda”…

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  4. Now they’ve started rumors that the new digital converter boxes have cameras in them. Since most of these boxes would be installed BEHIND a TV, I really don’t see the point of cameras/microphones.The most entertainment anyone would get out of a camera in our cable box would be me working out on WiiFit.

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