The Scourge of DTV

It kills fish! It causes cancer!
Oh, wait, that’s DDT. As you were.

I hoped that the TV digital converter box hysteria would die down after numerous people opened up their boxes on YouTube videos, revealing the conspicuous absence of any cameras, recording devices, or tiny aerosol-spray compartments full of Gay Gas .

I hoped in vain. Today the woman I’ll refer to as TrutherBitch, who continuously sends conspiranoid mass emails, sent out this video. It’s a 60 Minutes story on the latest brain imaging/”thought identification” technology, but the “explanatory” information provided by “A. True Ott” connects this to digital converter boxes. He thinks they’ll be used to influence your thoughts and emotions. Most of Mr. Ott’s commentary is too freaking weird to even examine:

“Mengele and others were ‘reading’ brain waves via magnetic resonance graphing in the early 70’s [sic]. Boston-Logan Airport is already using new light-wave beams to scan and read air traveler’s [sic] intentions before they board the planes.”

Airport brainscans are not with us yet. And Mengele was managing a tiny Brazilian farm throughout the ’60s and the first half of the ’70s.

I’ve come across A. True Ott before, but I don’t even want to waste time refreshing my memory. All I can recall offhand is that he claimed he had discovered some additional Gemstone Files, another goofy hoax that won’t die.

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  1. The funny thing about "Dr." Ott is that he rarely travels outside of the great state of Utah (despite his "hatred" of those damn Satan worshipping, Jewish cabal participating, baby sacrificing Mormons. To my knowledge he hasn't been anywhere near Boston in recent months. His information is based on the smallest sliver of actual fact and then expounded on based on his own personal biases and conjecture. His "research" on DTV doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of the absolutely absurd things that he believes are in store for the world.

  2. Mengele did not die on a Brazil beach in 1979. He worked for Dr. Ewen Cameron at the Allen Memorial Institute, McGill University through the 50's and 60's on the CIA's project MKULTRA. Additionally, working for the CIA he set up a network of doctors and institutions throughout N. America. He died in 1999 near his family's home at Greenfield, Mich. and was buried under the name Tolmitt in a small churchyard at Midland, Mich."Dr. A. True Ott PHd." is a true fraud, having only the ND designation as a nutritionist and was the owner of a healthfood store in Utah. Another medical fraud is "Mark Sircus PHd" who amazingly has the identical bogus degree from the very same non-existant university. Both gentlemen operate as CIA assets with the purpose of influencing a lot of medical cult activities – the 'controlled opposition' in the fields of natural medicine with disinformation. (thus ensuring the eventual demise of these necessary bulwarks against the pharmaceutical machine.)

  3. True Ott is nothing but a stalking , jew hating fraud. He threatens those who do tell the truth and he is bad apple. Your PHD in my opinion is worthless because your a dumb ass. scumbag is a dis info agent and not worth anyones time

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