A *World Leader* Joins the Quest for *Truth*

Iran’s Ahmedinejad: Sept. 11 attacks a ‘big lie’

This must be a proud day for many Truthers. When a Holocaust denier who always wears the same Wal-Mart jacket thinks you’re on to something, you know you’ve arrived. Viva la retardement!

4 thoughts on “A *World Leader* Joins the Quest for *Truth*

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  1. … Such a blatant display of guilt by association. You imply that since Mr. A wears a Walmart jacket all the time (plus his other rep and image issues), then the 9-11 truth movements is nuts. That is not an valid argument against 9-11 Truth. If Idi Amin rose from the dead, put on an alleged Walmart jacket, and said he supported a new 9-11 investigation, that wouldn't matter. I'm sure a goofy lowlife killer can be found who supports the offial line on 9-11 (where does Karl Rove shop, anyway?)…and that would in no way discredit the government version of events…even if the goofy thug did wear a walmart jacket…I'm sure all the WalMart people out there are outraged by your comment too…

  2. Amin would never wear a Wal-Mart jacket. Even dead, psychotic alleged cannibals have better taste than Ahmadinejad.But the Holocaust thing is, y'know, slightly more important. Someone who doesn't understand history isn't going to be understand the present very well, IMO. I just had to mention that jacket 'cause it's so annoying.

  3. but isn't holo denial cultural acceptable, or nearly so, in Iran and Arab lands? We might see him as nuts, but he graduated in the top of his class…the Saudi's sheltered Amin…JUST for that, the US ought to have cut the Saudis off, but that wasn't possible.

  4. I love my Walmart Jacket. It is a attractive, and has lots of pockets which make it multifunctional and practical =)

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