Wedneday Weirdness Roundup

  • Some 9/11 Truthers in the U.S. and Canada will soon be standing outside newspaper and media offices to hand out fliers that advertise a website devoted to Barry Jennings, in the hopes that the truth about his death or disappearance will finally come to light. Jennings was a New York Housing Authority emergency coordinator who, along with city corporate counsel Michael Hess and an unidentified custodian, was trapped in the Salomon Brothers building (WTC 7) on 9/11. Jennings made three startling claims: That he found the mayor’s Office of Emergency Management already vacated shortly after 9:00 AM (officially, it was vacated around 9:30); that an explosion ripped away a staircase before the towers collapsed, stranding himself and Hess on an 8th-floor landing; and that he stepped over several corpses strewn around the lobby as he was led outside by firefighters. Except he didn’t actually see any bodies, and video taken in the building before and after his rescue shows no bodies; the “explosion” was probably WTC debris crashing into the building; and Jennings’ timeline is totally whack if he was off by even 20 minutes. Jennings died in hospital a year ago. Because cause of death was not disclosed, murder theories cropped up instantly. There are also rumours that Jennings is in the federal witness protection program. The conspiracy theories about him leave out the fact that Michael Hess is alive and well. My guess about Jennings’ “mysterious” death? Jennings’ family just wants their privacy.
  • If there’s anything scarier than AIDS deniers, it’s germ theory deniers. YouTube user “writteninheaven”: “Regarding ‘swine flu’ or any other so-called contagious disease: First, the latest swine flu nonsense is just that – nonsense, and the bogus germ theory is the foundation for this nonsense. See Dr. Stefan Lanka for more info. Simply put: All vaccines, past, present, and future are satanic! They don’t work, never have worked, and never will work. Well, by work I mean healing or maintaining good health. They DO work by killing and maiming.” I’m thinking this is the same guy who sneezed on me in an elevator the other day and didn’t even say “excuse me”.
  • Montreal 9/11 Truth has posted a video exposing “Lucifer’s New World Religion Capitol”: Astana, Kazakhstan. The main problem seems to be that the city’s Pyramid of Peace is a “temple of solar worship”. The vid doesn’t mention that every major world religion is represented in the palace. IMO, it’s a gorgeous building and we should lay off Kazakhstan. Didn’t it suffer enough from Borat?

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  1. Why don't the Truthers learn some Grade School physics and go after the engineering schools?ImpactCollapseThe fact of the matter is that the engineering schools should have busted this in less than ONE YEAR.Of course now they would look stupid saying the distributions of steel and concrete are important to solving the problem. The NCSTAR1 report does not even specify the total for the concrete. The schools should have found that peculiar long ago.

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