Two Years Among the Truthers

The Significant Other has retired from 9/11 Truth activism after 2+ years. I have come to realize that total immersion in this movement can be more damaging to the psyche than I ever imagined. I even feel physically lighter now that I’m not reliving the trauma and pain of 9/11 every single day – watching the buildings crumble in slow motion, hearing the panicked screams of New Yorkers as they run through dust-choked streets. Add to that the politics, the continuous drama, the paranoia and mistrust and accusations of CIA involvement, and you have a good recipe for a nervous breakdown.

Have I learned anything from 9/11 Truth? Yes, I have. I have learned that the blowback theory of 9/11 is perfectly sound, that even educated and intelligent people can be really freaking stupid and/or gullible sometimes, and that when asking difficult questions you should never settle for the first answers you get. Keep asking until the answers make sense.

While I have met some cool and smart Truthers in the past two years, it’s a relief to be free of all connections to the rest, such as:

– The lawyer who collects testimony from “time travel whistleblowers” and branded me an “accessory after the fact to war crimes” because I questioned his theory that chemtrails containing psychoactive chemicals are sprayed over specific areas in advance of 9/11 Truth events.
– The peacenik who won’t work with any other Truthers because everybody in the Pacific Northwest is an FBI agent.
– The guy who thinks he’s on some sort of “Federal Army” mission to reveal the truth of 9/11, and threatens to arrest anyone who “interferes” with that mission. In other words, other Truthers who don’t pay enough attention to him.
– Everyone who insists the Jews and/or the Zionists did it.
– The would-be politician who was dropped from her party of choice for declaring that Israeli-owned businesses in the World Trade Center were tipped off in advance of 9/11, but blames Jewish interest groups for her own stupidity.
– The dude who briefly considered fleeing the U.S. because it’s “run by Zionists”, even though he lives in a Midwestern state occupied by roughly 4 Jewish people.
– All the people who will tell you that TV rots your brain, then believe everything they read in the alternative press and everything they see on YouTube “documentaries”.
– The chiropracter who smoked a big fatty before giving a “lecture”, then sent me a rambling and emotional 5-page screed when I said I didn’t understand what he was trying to say. He’s now a UFOlogist who believes he’s part of ancient Native prophecies. When the 2012 chaos hits, he’s going to head for a fenced-off area reserved for the world’s elite.
– The convicted murderer who threatens to sue everyone who calls him a convicted murderer.
– The former LaRouche propagandist who looks and sounds like Mr. Lebowski.
– The NYC CAN petition organizers who screwed up royally for no good reason, wasting everyone’s time and getting their hopes up.

Buh-bye. Here’s hoping that Lacuna Inc. will someday be able to erase all my memories of the past two years.

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  1. That would be boring. How many times can you holler "Show us the birth certificate!" before it gets really, really old?

  2. If that was the only thing these wackos where on about, you could be right. Got to love the latest stupid from them though, trying to mangle the Hebrew in the Bible, to suggest that Obama is the anti-Christ. Then there is the whole, "But, even if he was born here, he doesn't qualify, since I am too stupid to get that only one parent needs to be a citizen."Some real serious insanity with these people.Still… Ok, how about "The Family". lolSeriously, is there something in the water Republicans are buying? Because… its getting hard to find any of them that are not a) stupid, b) crazy, c) fanatics, or just d) unwilling to side with non-Republicans, out of fear that admitting that everyone around them is nuts will gut the party (a very likely outcome anyway, if they keep this crazy shit up). lol

  3. Stupidest Obama theory so far: According to "Frank Black" (not of The Pixies), Obama's mom was a CIA cut-out recruited by U.S. intelligence in the '50s to infiltrate black radical organizations, sleep with the men, and find out their secrets. "Obama is probably the result of one of these sexual encounters…it is very likely no one knows who is the real father…Around the time of his birth, someone in Intell [sic] decided to use the 'unwanted child' for 'the ultimate infiltration'.And that is why we don't know anything about Obama. He has been wiped clean. He is the ultimate cut out."I've been holding The Family against all the conservs who propagated panic about Satanic cults in the '80s and '90s (and the handful who still do it today). Who has secret cabals, guys?

  4. Its true that my 9/11 activism has run it's course and not only did sme ask me to lower the curtain, the two other women I trusted the same veto power to have me stop anytime over my 3 years agreed. Enough with all the trouble that comes with being a devout 9/11 truth activist. The good experiences out weight the bad. SME enjoyed some of the positive…like the supportive activists here in Edmonton who could not care less if SME was a truther or not, They enjoyed her as a friend as much as SME enjoyed them… I don't hold any grudges to anyone who may be on SME's mind regarding this post including the alleged murderer who's bent on destroying my good name with-in the 9/11 truth movement at this time, accusing me of being an FBI agent and threatens to sue me for libel for saying he's a murderer. He was found guilty of this crime and he's going to hear the word murderer more often from others who are not his friends until he gets a retrial to clear that verdict of murder once and for all. I was never his enemy, not to him, his manager and associates… Too bad paranoia got the best of most of these guys on the west coast…The peace activist guy on the west coast is the best guy to lead 9/11 truth activists in this movement, if he learned to use the same respect towards those with-in the movement as he would with the general public while doing civil information. He has always been huge plus to the 9/11 truth movement, and his advocating civil information activism has come to Edmonton, and has put the question of 9/11 on the map, for that I hold no grudges and will always be thankful for his contributions to the 9/11 truth movement(I just could not put up with his disrespectful e-mails anymore one year ago when I ended our working relationship) The guy with the big fatty at the conference, he's someone I respect and care about I wish him well with his new endeavours…All in All I believe one day SME, may realize some of the positives out weigh the negatives…oh yea , the guy in the Mid West…He's a great leader with-in the movement and I'll always be grateful he believed in me and the work we did in Edmonton for 9/11 truth… I'm retired yes, but I have not changed my mind about the crimes of 9/11…One Day The Truth will go mainstream…and all the trouble we 9/11 truthers went through… will be worth it!Be good to each other! Cheers, Thank you SME, for standing by my side through all the good and bad times…I love you, and both gals who had the veto power who also put up with my passion to do my part with-in the 9/11 truth movement…love and hugs to all 3 women!

  5. You need courage and stamina and a fierce desire for the best information to explore 9/11. The truth movement is skilfully steered for disinformation when as you put it so well, the crumble question is beast answered by Dr. Judy Wood. For a sceptic blog you should get back into the game. Giving up isn't an option.

  6. In the beginning of "9/11 truth" it was not quite as nutty, focused mostly on foreknowledge and how the Bush regime absolutely knew the attacks were coming.The more recent craziness is best looked at from a psychiatric perspective. I'm glad it's been many years since I've been to a truthiness event.I hope most of the leaders spewing the most ridiculous nonsense are secretly working for some three letter agency, I'd feel sorry for them if they are sincere.

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