Conspiracy Monday

The Illuminati's Secret Weapon: Sidewalk Gum He's not called Bazooka Joe for nothin', you know.   Thanks to "Jessy" for alerting me to this dire threat. In his January 10, 2010 online newsletter, David Icke wrote about an "Attack from the Skies" that has been taking place in Ryde (a small city on the northern... Continue Reading →

Another Fun Friday with TrutherBitch: “LOOK UP!!”

TrutherBitch seems to go into warp drive with the scare emails on Friday nights. In addition to her emails on the conspiracy to spread Avian Flu via vaccines, the Danish dude who supports Stephen Jones' nanothermate theory, and of course Greek Irish dancers, there was this mess: YIYE! what a world we are living in!... Continue Reading →

There Are A Few Pitfalls to Thinking Too Much

One perfect example: Overanalyzing the hell out of Disney Channel programming. "Brainpanhandler" at the Rigorous Intuition Forum is freaked over the Disney cartoon Little Einsteins because he thinks the villainous jet that tries to thwart the kidlets leaves a chemtrail behind it. Also, the jet vaguely resembles the F-14 Tomcat. And another Disney Channel cartoon,... Continue Reading →

Perils of Paranoia II

A reply to my post The Perils of Paranoia, from Alfred Webre: "Hi Anonymous blogger with the thowaway [sic] cute lines on War Crimes. Thanks for the Honourable Mention in the context of Chemtrails, which are a force multiplyer for HAARP - which fact is throughly documented in numerous sources including Weather Wars and Angels... Continue Reading →

The Perils of Paranoia

It could just be me, but I've been noticing a dramatic uptick in paranoia these days... - As I write this, people believe that the Noble Resolve Joint Forces defense exercises will be used to launch a real false-flag nuclear attack on the United States. This will happen by midnight tomorrow. - A friend concerned... Continue Reading →

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