The Lady Vanishes Part III: Aimee Semple McPherson

Before there was Jim Bakker, before there was Jerry Fartwell, before there was Jimmy Swaggart, there was Sister Aimee. Born to an Ontario farming family in 1890, Aimee Kennedy was born again at age 17, and married a Pentacostal preacher named Robert Semple a short time later. After Semple died on a missionary trip to... Continue Reading →

The Lady Vanishes Part II: Agatha Christie

Part I is here.The SolutionThe amnesia explanation was too dodgy to convince everyone, and instead of curtailing rumours, it only caused curiosity about the “missing eleven days” to escalate over the years.One curious person was Jared Cade, a young Christie fan and collector from Australia. He had studied the mystery carefully, and in the end... Continue Reading →

The Lady Vanishes Part I: Agatha Christie

The media hoo-rah surrounding South Carolina governor Mark Sanford's recent "disappearance" brought to my mind some far stranger voluntary disappearances, most of them involving the very same thing that supposedly drove Gov. Sanford into the arms of his Argentine mistress: True love. Or, in some cases, the lack of it.Agatha ChristieAgatha Christie remains not only... Continue Reading →

"Miraculous" Survival in the Bush a Hoax?

There is speculation that Jamie Neale, the British teen who survived for twelve days in the forested Blue Mountains of Australia, wasn't really lost and may have faked his disappearance. When found on Wednesday, he did not have hypothermia despite the frigid nighttime temperatures. Neale set off for a hike on July 3 with a... Continue Reading →

Psychic Detectives: Addendum

I mentioned in Psychic Detectives: Part I that Uri Geller claimed he had worked with the FBI. The FBI denies it. But Geller has indisputably been involved with crime-solving on a smaller scale, and it would be interesting to see how successful he was. Geller is primarily a telepath and a psychokinetic (think Carrie, minus... Continue Reading →

Sylvia Browne, Psychic Clown

Psychic Detectives Part III: Sylvia BrowneI'm willing to give Noreen Renier the benefit of the doubt when it comes to honesty. Maybe she simply isn't as gifted as she thinks she is, and is sloppy when it comes to doing follow-ups.But Sylvia Browne won't be getting any such slack. She is a bald-faced liar and... Continue Reading →

Psychic Detectives Part I

Some of the world's most famous psychics have dabbled in criminal investigation or searches for missing persons. Uri Geller, the Enemy of All Flatware, claimed he worked with the FBI, which has never been confirmed. Jeanne Dixon, arguably the world's most famous psychic next to Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce, claimed that she tried to warn... Continue Reading →

The Real Stories Behind The Changeling

Swallowing the Camel has moved! We're now at Please join us!  The Wineville Chicken Murders, the impersonation of Walter Collins, LAPD corruption, and the secrets of Canada's Northcott familyThe case of serial killer Gordon Stewart Northcott and little Walter Collins is so surpassingly bizarre, so full of incredible twists, that even a full-length feature... Continue Reading →

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