The Strange Saga of Pastor Don LaRose (AKA Mayor Ken Williams)

The Mayor of Casterbridge meets "Satanic brainwashing"... Nov. 2007 69-year-old Ken Williams had been the mayor of Centerton, Arkansas for 6 years when he announced that his name was really Don LaRose. Over 30 years earlier he had been LaRose (now 67 years old), a married preacher and father of two in New York state,... Continue Reading →

Pimp My Tomb

I immediately recognized the Canadian filmmaker, Simcha Jacobovici, who (alongside James Cameron) is touting the 27-year-old discovery of tombs bearing the names of Jesus and members of his family, including a son. I taped Jacobovici's 1999 documentary Quest for the Lost Tribes off CBC when it originally aired, intending to watch it in more depth... Continue Reading →

Holy Blood, Holy Crap: The Da Vinci Code Lawsuit and Michael Baigent’s The Jesus Papers

"You stole my ideas! Even though they're not mine!" The Da Vinci Code lawsuit was a prime example of wanton, greedy litigiousness. Two of the three "historians" who wrote Holy Blood, Holy Grail (1982) sued Dan Brown over alleged theft of intellectual property, even though Brown's book is a work of fiction and theirs was... Continue Reading →

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