The Prodigal Witch Part XVII: More Illuminati Defectors

So far in this series, we have seen two people who claimed they were born into the Illuminati (John Todd, Doc Marquis), two women who claimed they were enslaved by the Illuminati (Cisco Wheeler, Arizona Wilder), one guy who says he joined the Illuminati of his own free will (BIll Schnoebelen), and another guy who... Continue Reading →

Martial Law Hysteria and Related Craziness

Many Truthers and believers in the NWO are excited about a clip from CNN-Pakistan, in which former ISI chief Hamid Gul "admits" that 9/11 and the Mumbai attacks were engineered in the U.S. Actually he's just expressing an opinion. To someone like me, who suspects Pakistan had some involvement in these attacks, Mr. Gul's message... Continue Reading →

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