To the couple from The Second Cup

Kindly pardon my eavesdropping; it's a bad habit. I wasn't paying much attention to your companion's chatter until I started to hear some alarming tip-off phrases: "catching the vibe", "online mall", etc. Also, all the talk about goals and aspirations was like a flashing neon sign to me, because it's the standard M.O.: Getting you... Continue Reading →

Deja Ew

TV ads for Dianetics and Amway? That is so '87. "The Land of Will": Nauseatingly ridiculous TV spot for the cult known as Quixtar. Notice how they throw in the first mention of Quixtar at the very, very end of the commercial, almost reluctantly? And how they don't actually mention what they're supposedly selling? I'll... Continue Reading →

The Part-Time Job That Eats Your Soul

Unfortunately, I have some personal experience with the quasi-religious corporate cult known as Amway/Quixtar. My ex was involved with it for roughly six months, about ten years ago. Sadly, Quixtar recruiters still use most of the same tired ol' enticements they were using over a decade ago, with a few new twists.Initially, I didn't think... Continue Reading →

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