Wednesday Weirdness Roundup

Martian plesiosaurs, Mossad sharks, and teleporting dolphins. Oh my. Felicity Lowde, convicted in 2007 of harassing 7/7 bombing survivor Rachel North, has now turned her cybertongue against Pagans and Freemasons in Bristol, speculating they may have abducted and ritually murdered Joanne Yeates in a macabre Solstice initiation ceremony. Circumstantial evidence includes the fact that some... Continue Reading →

Behind the Front Lines of 9/11 Truth

Sadly I have not had ample time to blog lately - the signif other's 9/11 Truth event is on this weekend, and preparations have been frenzied for weeks. I spent this evening at a pizza joint, seated between Kevin Barrett and a local Truther who insisted on drawing simplified diagrams of the World Trade Center... Continue Reading →

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