Wednesday Weirdness Roundup: Bigfoot, Smallfoot, and Another Atacama Humanoid

Another Boy from La Noria: The latest news on the Boy from La Noria (the "Atacama humanoid") is that he wasn't the first tiny child discovered in the Atacama Desert and paraded around as a sideshow curiosity. Back in the 1930s, Robert Ripley himself possessed and exhibited a 6.5"-tall human he named Atta. There's a... Continue Reading →

Best Bigfoot Quote Ever

I couldn't possibly care less about Bigfoot, but I find Bigfoot-hunters fascinating, because they all routinely say things like this:"you do not have the right to even hold an opinion on Bigfoot unless you do field research on it" - the late Bigfoot hunter Jon-Erik Beckjord on a Snopes message boardSo let me clarify: You... Continue Reading →

Be Vewy, Vewy Quiet! They’re Huntin’ BIGFOOT!

The Georgia Bigfoot body has joined the ranks of the Minnesota Iceman and the "frozen burrito ET": A childishly executed hoax. For the two or three people who were fortunate enough to miss this: Back in July, two young men from Georgia announced via YouTube, their website (, and their local newspaper (The Clayton Times... Continue Reading →

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