Best Bigfoot Quote Ever

I couldn’t possibly care less about Bigfoot, but I find Bigfoot-hunters fascinating, because they all routinely say things like this:

you do not have the right to even hold an opinion on Bigfoot unless you do field research on it” the late Bigfoot hunter Jon-Erik Beckjord on a Snopes message board

So let me clarify: You can hold opinions on squirrels, wombats, giraffes, speckled trout, butterflies, and all other members of the animal kingdom, but you can’t hold an opinion on Bigfeet unless you’re out tracking them and examining plaster casts of their alleged footprints. Even though they’re totally as real as all other animals.

Okay. Just so we’re clear on that. I don’t want to be seeing any opinions on Bigfeet from anyone who isn’t a Bigfoot field researcher. If you’re not out there on a regular basis, poking around the woods for Bigfoot poop, just shut yer piehole. But to be fair about this, I also don’t want to see any opinions on the following unless certain conditions are met:

– moon landings (unless you’re an astronaut or an aeronautical engineer)
– feng shui (unless you are a scientist who has proven the existence of qi in a lab)
– the collapse of the World Trade Center (unless you took a high school physics course; judging by the comments I’ve seen thus far, most Truthers do not qualify)

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  1. FYI: The plural of Bigfoot is Bigfoot; just like the plural of moose is moose. From a "real" researcher looking for the evidence of a yet undiscovered large bipedal primate in North America–even if its feces.You have a great site, your content is always worth reading. Please return the favor at

  2. They should go further. Have Bigfoot accreditation. Bigfoot Universities. Bigfoot PHDs.It's like pathological science without the science.

  3. The qualifications for having an opinion on homeopathy would actually be pretty simple: You have to believe everything you're told.

  4. Sooooo….. I want to keep making fun of these clowns, so when are we organizing a camping trip/Bigfoot poop search expedition?I'll bring the S'mores!

  5. I'd love to organize tours not to track and observe Bigfoot, but to track and observe the guys who are trying to track and observe Bigfoot. That would be easier, more fruitful, and of course way more entertaining.

  6. From a Sociology point-of-view Bigfooters are a fascinating bunch. So enamored with their passion to believe, they once let a man, who claimed he invented an Automated Scat Analyzer to speak for an hour-and-a-half at a convention. He claimed, "you put Bigfoot poo in one side and printed analytics comes out the other." Only later, did they find out he was a hoaxer. You can read about it here at Bigfoot Lunch Club.

  7. "you put Bigfoot poo in one side and printed analytics comes out the other."Man, what COULDN'T you sell with that description? It definitely would come in handy on a Bigfoot Researcher research expedition.

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