Wednesday Weirdness Roundup

– If you think the profoundly paranoid ravings of Henry Makow are bizarre, you really must check out his movie reviews. They take “WTF” to a whole new level. Makow believes the heroine of the film An Education is the headmistress played by Emma Thompson, an old-school Jew-hater who icily commands one of her pupils to stop dating a Jew because “they killed Jesus”. Then Makow has the chutzpah to criticize an indignant Jewish commenter for “reinforcing anti-Semitism“.
I’d like to point out that An Education is based on the real experiences (now in memoir form) of Lynn Barber. The headmistress Makow so admires barred Barber from returning to school after her relationship ended. Despite this obstacle, Barber went on to graduate from St. Anne’s College, Oxford, and became a very successful journalist. She wouldn’t have had a 30-year marriage and a rewarding career if, at the age of 16, she hadn’t rejected the skewed values of her family and her school.
Her beau is the story’s villain not because he was a Jew, but because he was a married con man and thief who seduced teenagers and wowed their families with his superficial charm – a profile you may recognize in many a gentile douchebag.

– One of the wackiest conspiranoia sites in the world, Educate, shows us the photographic proof that President Obama and the First Lady are lizards. Or that they’ve been Photoshopped. Or something.

– A home video of a UFO cattle abduction has been making the rounds among ufologists. Retired Englishman Derek Bridges says he filmed a bison being floated into a hovering craft at night (you can view the video here). A few ufologists think this is the ultimate proof that living creatures really are being sucked off the face of the earth into alien motherships, but to me it’s a blur and a glowing blob.

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  1. Just looked at Educate Yourself and it's a real classy site. I love the part where they tell you to write down the mirror URL. I can only presume that this is in case the lizard people take over your internet. First thing I notices is that they have this wonderful machine for sale. Yes, you too can make yourself look like a smurf by making your very own colloidal silver! I guess in the cases when it does change people's skin, these people would claim that the silver has been poisoned by the NWO.What's quite interesting (and I'll admit that I'm not sure whether this site is serious or not so maybe I'm being the stupid one) is the list of health issues. One minute the site is suggesting that alternative medicines are magical cures to everything ("they work too well andthat, of course, is why they are ignored and suppressed" is far too funny a statement to ignore), the next they are suggesting that everything can be cured by thought (apparently because all healing is "vibrational in nature", whatever that means). So shouldn't you just be using the latter first? The photos of the Obamas are just brilliant though. I mean I'm not even sure they bothered with photoshop. They just appear to be really poor, low resolution pictures which they've zoomed in on to the point where they're getting random colours. Zooming obviously reveals the truth. I mean if it works on CSI then it must work in real life with… well… lizard people.

  2. Educate Yourself is indeed an education – in wackiness! I mean, we are honestly asked to believe that zooming into a poor resolution photograph proves something? In fact this is merely evidence of the human tendency to see patterns when they are not there, like faces in the clouds and in trees. Now, is anyone seriously saying that because I could see a man with a huge nose in a tree visible from my bedroom window when I was a child, there was therefore an entity corresponding to the man with a huge conk dwelling in the tree?Sadly, the answer is yes.

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