The Hazards of Magical Thinking

I've talked about the perils of paranoia, and now it's time to examine the problem of magical thinking - irrational causal reasoning. Like paranoia, magical thinking appears to be on the rise these days. And magical thinking can be dangerous. The Xhosa and Thembu tribes of South Africa nearly starved themselves into oblivion because some... Continue Reading →

The Gravity of the Situation

The amazing gravity-powered lamp design that won a 2nd-place Greener Gadgets Conference competition award for Virginia Tech grad Clay Moulton last month is too good to be true. Literally. This is how Moulton's Gravia Lamp is supposed to work: Weights totalling 10 lbs. move slowly down a narrow brass slide, activating a rotor. The rotor... Continue Reading →

The World of Dr. Deagle

Dr. William Deagle is a physician, a prophet, a government insider/whistleblower, and one of the two witnesses described in the Book of Revelation. He knows what really happened at Columbine, the World Trade Center, and Oklahoma City. He could be the ruler of the world, but he has chosen to enlighten the masses instead. Thanks... Continue Reading →

(un)Reliable Information

This week alone, friends and acquaintances have parlayed the following "information" to me... Skull & Bones (a frat-like society at Yale) is centered around pedophilia and drugs. Why pedophiles? Well, some Republicans are pedophiles, therefore they probably picked it up at Yale. Why drugs? Well, W. was a crack addict, therefore he probably picked up... Continue Reading →

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