(un)Reliable Information

This week alone, friends and acquaintances have parlayed the following “information” to me…

Skull & Bones (a frat-like society at Yale) is centered around pedophilia and drugs. Why pedophiles? Well, some Republicans are pedophiles, therefore they probably picked it up at Yale. Why drugs? Well, W. was a crack addict, therefore he probably picked up his habit at Yale.

My husband is a good organizer not because he’s thoughtful, dedicated, and disciplined, but because he’s a Scorpio.

I should stock up on aspirin and water, ’cause the sh** is gonna come down soon and all of Canada will be under U.S. martial law.

The Gluco Watch was pulled from shelves not because it was unreliable, caused funky skin rashes, and was based on technology that doesn’t seem to actually exist, but because it’s being suppressed by the pharmaceutical companies that want to keep selling test strips to diabetics.

5 thoughts on “(un)Reliable Information

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  1. Ok, I had to Google “Glucowatch”…huh reverse iontophoresis??…”extremely low electric currents to intact skin”…More magic mirrors and homeopathy.This is a fun blog to read, nice and sarcastic! 🙂

  2. Er, what the #$@& happened to the end of my post, I wonder…?Anyway, yeah, a friend of mine is attempting to construct his own Glucowatch. I’d never heard of them, either. It is SO HARD to keep a straight face with this stuff!!

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