Links Purge

We’ll be gone until the second week of November. ‘Til then, enjoy some of the WTFery that’s been accumulating in my bookmarks…

Links Purge

Hoax-a-Licious Links

** Time magazine’s 25 Crimes of the Century (released for the 75th anniversary of the Lindbergh kidnapping) includes art theft, bank robberies, murders, and abductions. But the only hoax to make it onto the list is Piltdown Man. Fair enough: It was a hoax that struck at the very core of who we are as humans. Can’t say quite the same for the Hitler Diaries or the Shaved Monkey UFOnaut Hoax.
Picture: The “world’s first cricket bat”, found near the bogus remains of Piltdown Man.
** The Blogsquatcher has a fascinating post, “Hoaxes and the Hoaxing Hoaxers Who Hoax Them”, on a hoax that affected him directly: “it refers to a moment in time when I found out that someone I thought I knew, someone I trusted and liked, was purposely deceiving me. It’s the sort of revelation that is hard on you in any circumstances. In the world of bigfoot research, it’s got that extra twinge in it on account of ruining your credibility.” (Forgive me for being patronizing, but I find it just flat-out cute that Sasquatch-hunters worry about hoaxes ruining their credibility!)
** As you may know if, like me, you’re somewhat addicted to seedy true-crime shows and/or the glorious trainwreck that is Intervention, Sony Pictures and A&E Films have released My Kid Could Paint That. This documentary chronicles the controversy surrounding abstract painter Marla Olmstead, an artist whose Pollock-like canvasses sell for outrageous sums. The catch? Marla is 7.
Since 2005, when 60 Minutes II did a hidden-camera investigation into Marla’s work, there have been questions about whether Marla is really an artistic savante or just a painterly pint-sized Joyce Hatto, being coached and prodded by her father. Mark Olmstead is also a painter.
I’m looking forward to this one. A&E Indie Films has released such classics as the Oscar-nominated Murderball and Jesus Camp, and of course Zen and the Art of Competitive Eating.

News You Can’t Really Use…But it’s Interesting (Links Purge)

Books & Articles:

  • A new book implies that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and his Spiritual cronies arranged the death of Houdini.




  • The first full biography of “anti-gravity pioneer” T. Townsend Brown clears up some of the mysteries of his life. (No, I don’t know who he is either.)



  • In his article “PKD, The Unicorn and Operation Mind Control” Adam Gorightly sets forth a theory that Ira Einhorn was framed for the murder of Holly Maddox because he was about to unveil some Tesla technology. This ties in to Philip Dick. (Einhorn-framing theories don’t wash with me, ’cause his girlfriend’s putrid corpse was right in his own bedroom, leaking fluids into the apartment below. Even the smelliest hippie on the planet – and Einhorn was a contender for that title – must have noticed the funny smell coming from the closet…)




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