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We'll be gone until the second week of November. 'Til then, enjoy some of the WTFery that's been accumulating in my bookmarks...Of all the ways for a cult messiah to die, getting dynamited to bits by disgrunted ex-cultists has to be of the most interesting.Video: "Satanic Murder by Hypnosis Exposed". Finally!!An Above Top Secret commenter... Continue Reading →

Links Purge

From 1957, one of the stupidest contactee scams ever. The next time somebody asks you to invest in a product they learned to produce on Venus, justdon't. If you drink heavily, then squint for half an hour, you too can see cool man-made structures on the moon! Someone has used a "Penetrating Photographic Process" to... Continue Reading →

Hoax-a-Licious Links

** Time magazine's 25 Crimes of the Century (released for the 75th anniversary of the Lindbergh kidnapping) includes art theft, bank robberies, murders, and abductions. But the only hoax to make it onto the list is Piltdown Man. Fair enough: It was a hoax that struck at the very core of who we are as... Continue Reading →

News You Can’t Really Use…But it’s Interesting (Links Purge)

Books & Articles: A new book implies that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and his Spiritual cronies arranged the death of Houdini.   Two well-educated gentlemen in the aerospace industry have issued "An Introduction to Planetary Defense", telling the public how to prepare for alien invasion.     The first full biography of "anti-gravity pioneer" T.... Continue Reading →

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