Coupla Updates on June Stories

Tabloid Baby reports that the peeping-alien footage almost released by Denver's exopolitical whackadoo Jeff Peckman in June was actually shown on some crappy TV show a decade ago. 9/11 Truther Blair Gadsby finished his hunger strike after 16 days. He's in good condition, but reports that his doctor has warned him of long-term kidney and... Continue Reading →

Stupid Alien Tricks

This May, 54-year-old useless-gizmo salesman Jeff Peckman has been pressing the Denver city council to approve a ballot initiative that would allow voters to OK an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission. This proposed 18-member panel would be allotted $75,000 a year to prepare Denver for contact with intelligent beings from space (and/or their vehicles). If he can... Continue Reading →

The Hazards of Magical Thinking

I've talked about the perils of paranoia, and now it's time to examine the problem of magical thinking - irrational causal reasoning. Like paranoia, magical thinking appears to be on the rise these days. And magical thinking can be dangerous. The Xhosa and Thembu tribes of South Africa nearly starved themselves into oblivion because some... Continue Reading →

Do you GET IT?

I spent 2+ hours of my Saturday having coffee with some of the Significant Other's fellow Truthers after a rally to protest what they believe to be an impending North American Union. It felt much like a religious gathering. It started out with a middle-aged woman from B.C. telling the signif other that it was... Continue Reading →

Perils of Paranoia II

A reply to my post The Perils of Paranoia, from Alfred Webre: "Hi Anonymous blogger with the thowaway [sic] cute lines on War Crimes. Thanks for the Honourable Mention in the context of Chemtrails, which are a force multiplyer for HAARP - which fact is throughly documented in numerous sources including Weather Wars and Angels... Continue Reading →

The Perils of Paranoia

It could just be me, but I've been noticing a dramatic uptick in paranoia these days... - As I write this, people believe that the Noble Resolve Joint Forces defense exercises will be used to launch a real false-flag nuclear attack on the United States. This will happen by midnight tomorrow. - A friend concerned... Continue Reading →

The World’s Weirdest/Stupidest Conspiracy Theories

(in no particular order, with each theory's author or main proponent in parentheses, if known) The driver shot JFK. (the late William Cooper) The Beatles were designed and sent to the U.S. by the British Psychological Warfare Division, to undermine the morals of American teenagers. (Lyndon LaRouche) Christ's Crucifixion was staged. (Hugh Schonfield) Christ eloped... Continue Reading →

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