The Prodigal Witch Part XVI: Illuminati Slaves (Part II)

Arizona Wilder For a few years, an American woman known as Arizona Wilder straddled the wavy line between Satanic/Illuminati high priestess and Satanic ritual abuse survivor, giving the impression that if Josef Mengele had not screwed with her head, she would never have presided over hideous blood rituals for the lizard people who govern our... Continue Reading →

The Prodigal Witch XII: Doc Marquis

space Doc Marquis lecturing for The Prophecy Club, c. 1997 In the mid '80s, an Illuminati defector and former devil worshiper known as Joseph "Doc" Marquis slipped into the niche vacated by John Todd, who was serving time for a rape conviction. Marquis started out as a virtual John Todd clone, but proved to be... Continue Reading →

The Prodigal Witch X: Derry Mainwaring Knight

God's 007 In the spring of 1983, an unassuming, middle-aged fellow by the lofty name of Derry Mainwaring Knight appeared in Newick, East Sussex, and began attending the local Anglican church, St. Mary's. He became a regular at Bible studies and prayer meetings. He offered to hand out Christian tracts. He told the late vicar,... Continue Reading →

Conspiracy Monday

The Illuminati's Secret Weapon: Sidewalk Gum He's not called Bazooka Joe for nothin', you know.   Thanks to "Jessy" for alerting me to this dire threat. In his January 10, 2010 online newsletter, David Icke wrote about an "Attack from the Skies" that has been taking place in Ryde (a small city on the northern... Continue Reading →

Start the Revolution Without Me

Or, better yet, just don't start one at all. With Alex Jones getting more shrill and fatalistic by the day and Glenn Beck talking about FEMA concentration camps, a few conspiranoids seem to be thinking this is Zero Hour: Act now, or forever hold your peace in an American gulag. You know the conspiranoid community... Continue Reading →

Whether the Weather is Sunny, or Whether the Weather Is Not…

...some people are really freakin' stupid. What is it with politicians these days? They have access to more information than anyone else in the history of the planet, and they simply refuse to take advantage of it. First, Lesley Hughes gets herself ousted from the Liberal Party of Canada for repeating the ridiculous Israelis-knew-all-about-9/11-and-didn't-warn-anyone-else rumour... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Alice in Wonderland and the World Trade Center Disaster by David Icke

This one definitely wasn't on my winter reading list, but my Signif Other brought it home from a kooky New Age bookstore and I just couldn't resist, even though it reeks of incense.For those not familiar with Mr. David Icke (pronounced "Ike"), a crash course: He's a former UK football player and sports presenter who... Continue Reading →

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