Whether the Weather is Sunny, or Whether the Weather Is Not…

…some people are really freakin’ stupid.

What is it with politicians these days? They have access to more information than anyone else in the history of the planet, and they simply refuse to take advantage of it.

First, Lesley Hughes gets herself ousted from the Liberal Party of Canada for repeating the ridiculous Israelis-knew-all-about-9/11-and-didn’t-warn-anyone-else rumour that’s been debunked repeatedly, and can be discredited by anyone who has Internet access and 15 minutes to spare. (See the post below this one.)

Now, Screw Loose Change has posted a YouTube clip of Green Party Presidential nominee Cynthia McKinney relating a very disturbing phone call she received in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. At the Critical Resistance 10 event on Sunday, McKinney explained that an unnamed woman told her that her son, a Defense Department employee, was ordered to help dispose of the bodies of 5000 New Orleans residents who had been shot in the head. The bodies were dumped into a swamp. The man was sworn to secrecy, but confided in his mother.

This story seemed awfully familiar to me, but I was certain it had been attached to Hurricane Andrew when I first encountered it. Sure enough, a quick and simple Google search revealed that a Katherine “K.T.” Frankovich declared 5000 people had died in Hurricane Andrew and were secretly cremated. All government employees who took part in the cover-up disposals were forced to take an “Oath of Sworn Secrecy”. Frankovich tied this in with the New World Order, the Illuminati, and Biblical prophecy without providing one bit of evidence. Is it just a coincidence that the 5000 number has popped up again in identical circumstances? I’m not a betting person, but…

Anyway, McKinney believes the woman’s story because a Red Cross source corroborated it for her. She suspects the bodies were those of prisoners.

You can read Frankovich’s rant about Hurricanes Andrew and Floyd here. Unsurprisingly, her bizarre story was also featured in a Nexus magazine article (reproduced here). Her 1992 encounter with a 6-fingered alien was investigated by Linda Moulton Howe (who I like to call Dead Cattle Queen of Montana), and deemed one of the most convincing close-encounter cases she has ever seen. Really? Just as convincing as the cult leader who left scorchmarks on his sheets when he was abducted by aliens?

The bio for Frankovich’s book When Heavens Meet describes Frankovich thusly: “k.t Frankovich comes from the same family in the film business behind the classics Bridge over the River Kwai, Exodus, Purple Rain, Kojak, There is a Girl in My Soup, Butterflies are Free. She holds the coveted Gold Venus(also awarded to Steven Spielberg, George Lucas) and is a psychic PSI Tested by leading world parapsychologists. Where Heavens Meet chronicles k.t. Frankovich’s survival, Being homeless on the streets of Miami with her 13 year-old son, and how she survived the largest natural Disaster ever recorded in the history of the United States. Where Heavens Meet delves into the mysteries Of life and exposes the truth behind tragic disasters misreported or not reported at all by the media. This is A book of human survival under the worst conditions.”

Ms. Frankovich offers psychic readings for $100 a pop, yet couldn’t see Andrew coming. Hmm.

She told Linda Moulton Howe that her uncle, Mike Frankovich, was president of Columbia Pictures and that he and two of her cousins were involved with the films she mentions in her bio. Mike Frankovich was a film producer, but never a president of Columbia. Nice try. And to nitpick, it’s *There’s* a Girl in My Soup and Bridge *on* the River Kwai. And I really wouldn’t throw Purple Rainin with the classics. The soundtrack, sure, but not the movie.

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