Wednesday Weirdness Roundup

A blog called Suicide Food examines advertisers' use of cute cartoon animals that cheerfully urge you to eat them. (Saturday Night Live lampooned this kind of thing with their decapitated Clucky the Chicken, but Suicide Food takes it to a whole new level.) Far from being a modern marketing trend, however, "suicide food" has always... Continue Reading →

I couldn’t resist sharing…

This has been popping up on a lot of blogs, but I couldn't resist sharing... A Stephen Colbert-puppet rant on Jenny McCarthy, from The Rant Puppets. This is not meant as a slam of Ms. McCarthy herself - just the pseudoscientific, fear-based campaign of which she is the most prominent member. For more info, see... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Religulous

Director: Larry Charles I did NOT want to see this movie. But Changeling wasn't out yet, and I certainly didn't want to see Eagle Eye or Roadside Romeo. Frankly, I expected Religulous to be a shallow and disrespectful examination of complex religious issues, focused on the fringiest of the Christian fundies in an effort to... Continue Reading →

Ban Dihydrogen Monoxide Now!

I've talked about bogus bottled water before. Penta Water is supposed to be more hydrating than plain old water. Jana Skinny Water contains extracts of an herb called Garcinia cambogia that will supposedly make you feel full, hence it is "diet water". Kabbalah water had some of the spiritual properties of Catholic holy water, only... Continue Reading →

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