Y2K + 9

A Fun New Year’s Quiz!

Below are some gloom-&-doom predictions from some of my (least) favourite conspiranoids. You tell me if they’re referring to the aftermath of Y2k, or to what they think will happen in ’09. Answers are at the bottom. Bonus points for guessing the conspiranoid! Well, OK, no bonus points, but it’s still impressive.

1. “The resulting hysteria will reduce the masses to begging for a solution. The new centralized government will offer to restore order only after it imposes two primary conditions: the replacement of monetary systems with anelectronic chip implanted in every man, woman and child, and the worship of one God by all people.”

2. There will be one world government, asset redistribution, a new world currency, one-third of world’s shipping will stopped, and everything will be in a state of suspended animation. In short, total entropy.

3. Thanks to food shortages, mass famines greater than any in history will lead to the starvation deaths of hundreds of millions of people.

4. The present political leaders might “refuse to yield power.”

5. There will be martial law, a red sky, blue hats and black ski masks, economic collapse, Chinese and Russian submarines off both U.S. coasts, and nuclear events in U.S. cities.

1. Y2K. Bo Gritz.

2. 2009. Benjamin Fulford.

3. Trick question. Paul Erlich predicted this would occur in the ’70s and ’80s, in his book The Population Bomb.

4. Y2K. James Dobson.

5. 2009. Bill Deagle. He recommends you buy his First Line of Defense Kit, which is remarkably similar to the Y2K kits hawked by Alex Jones, Pat Robertson, and others.

The Week in B.S.

– Prophet Yahweh (Ramon Watkins) predicts yet another UFO landing sometime between Halloween and November 11. The aliens want to show their support for Obama. (Prophet Yahweh also claims he can summon UFOs by reciting passages from the Bible, so predictions seem moot.)

– I pay little mind to the pop music world, but this irked me: Beyonce Knowles tried to pass off one of her latest singles, “If I Were a Boy”, as her own work, co-written with German producer Toby Gad. She and Gad were the only ones credited when her new album’s track listing was released earlier this month. In reality, “If I Were a Boy” was written by Gad and a San Diego singer/songwriter named Britney Carlson (stage name BC Jean). Gad had Carlson’s permission to sell the rights to some of their songs, but she retained the final say. She reportedly declined to give the producers of Hannah Montana the rights to “If I Were a Boy” because they wanted to change some of the lyrics, and she also refused to give the rights to Beyonce’s manager/dad, Matthew Knowles. So Knowles and Gad went ahead with the deal anyway. Apparently the matter has been settled, but it’s entirely possible that Carlson will not be receiving any royalties from this hit single, because it was not recorded by her.

– Australian channeler/contactee Blossom Goodchild announced in August that the intergalactic Federation of Light would make its presence known through highly visible UFO sightings from October 14-17. It looks like the Federation members have mastered interstellar travel, but can’t quite comprehend Earth calendars. Or maybe they took a wrong turn at Albuquerque. At any rate, Goodchild’s lame excuses for them can be found on YouTube.
Goodchild’s announcement was a virtual clone of the failed UFO-landing prophesies of Marion Keech in 1956, Heaven’s Gate in 1975 (as chronicled in Jacques Vallee’s Messengers of Deception), and Richard Hoagland et. al. for December 7, 1998.

– As outlined in my post “Psychic Smackdown“, conspiranoia radio talkshow host Bill Deagle prophesied the European markets would utterly collapse on October 7, initiating a string of Illuminati-engineered events culminating in U.S. martial law, nuclear holocaust, and an Avian Flu pandemic. However, he nullified his 2007 warnings that cloned dinosaurs and Modified Attack Baboons from Texas would be patrolling “forbidden zones” in the U.S. when he prophesied that plain old troops with pepper spray will be guarding city perimeters. Dangit. I was so looking forward to seeing Modified Attack Baboons with nano-armor!
Benjamin Fulford made a similiar prediction for October 5, saying the economic “black hole” would become evident on that date, giving the Satanic Zionists their golden opportunity to inter us all in underground FEMA detention centers.

– On Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio show (GCN) today, Webster Tarpley mentioned this clip as *evidence* that Obama really is a closeted Muslim. You see, in the conspiranoia world, accidental slips of the tongue simply never happen. I suspect there are at least a few conspiracy theorists who can’t bring themselves to call them Freudian slips, though, because Freud was Jewish and a psychiatrist.
Tarpley, by the way, insists Al Gore “invented climatology”, blames NATO for the kidnap/murder of Aldo Moro, and considers Putin the most intelligent and stabilizing leader in the world.

Martial Law

A gentleman I know has written a lengthy article on how to survive “marshal law”. In case you are unaware: Some 9/11 Truthers and other conspiracy theorists suspect that Bush will suspend the upcoming presidential election and institute martial law throughout the U.S. and Canada, buying the global elite some more time in which to consolidate their power and establish the New World Order. Some of them are selling the same kind of emergency-preparedness kits and how-to books that their ilk sold to panicky people in the months preceding Y2K (see the post on Dr. Bill Deagle below this one), while others are simply advising people to stock up on food, water, and medical supplies as soon as possible. My acquaintance falls into the latter category. It is not clear to me why he’s so concerned about martial law, as he also believes that Planet X (AKA Nibiru) will soon pass close to Earth, causing a “pole shift” and resultant climate change that will wipe out most life on the planet. U.S. martial law seems a minor inconvenience by comparison, don’t you think? (the Planet X/”pole shift” nonsense is ably debunked by astrobiologist David Morrison at the Ask an Astrobiologist website and in the most recent issue of Skeptical Inquirer magazine, by the way).

The martial law scenario is unlikely on several fronts, which I won’t go into here. I’m not as disturbed by these warnings as I am by the tone in which they are delivered. After all, there’s nothing wrong with being prepared for emergencies, having extra food on hand, or even taking a survivalist course. It’s quite sensible, particularly if you live in a disaster-prone area.

What bothers me is the lack of balance in the lives of people who are anticipating martial law, and the seige mentality that is developing among them. Alex Jones has told his radio listeners numerous times that he no longer goes to movies or dines out with friends because he’s too busy reading declassified documents and fighting the NWO. It saddens me that a young father and husband is so busy preserving his life that he has forgotten how to live it.

My acquaintance is taking the same path. He writes, “Cut back on frivolous consuming and entertainment. If you buy fictional books and supermarket magazines etc, or Hollywood DVDs, or go to movies or eat out, stop it now. You and your family need to inform yourselves and teach yourself needed skills.”

I often laugh over some of the more outlandish declarations made by the “conspiranoid” community, but when I see this kind of baseless fear taking control of people’s lives I can only feel sadness. Conspiracy theories are not always harmless fun. I am disgusted by the fear-based marketing strategies of paranoia peddlers who advertise their “survival seeds” and gas masks on Patriot radio stations. They are exploiting not just the unease that people naturally feel in times of economic and social crisis, they are pandering to irrational fears that are based primarily on rumour, conspiracy theories, and misinformation. Think about it: If these people truly believe the world as we know it is about to end, why are they still hawking their wares? Shouldn’t they be inside a bunker at an undisclosed location?

You cannot afford to put your life on hold even in the hardest of times. It’s short, and if you spend it waiting anxiously for the sh** to come down, you may someday realize you wasted it. My advice would be this: Stock enough supplies to take care of yourself and/or your family in the event of severe weather, a natural disaster, etc. Then go out and play football with your kids, or dip into a good book, or take a long stroll with your dog. It’s all about balance.

As I wrote a year ago, after listening to Alex Jones castigate his listeners for buying Christmas gifts and watching TV, “I don’t have the luxury of lapsing into gloom-&-doom paranoia as a hobby. I like Spongebob. I will watch TV if I damn well feel like it. I will laugh my ass off at lolcats. I don’t need to submerge myself in crazy endtimes fear-mongering to justify my existence on this planet or to prove I’m not one of the sheeple.
Sure, I’m concerned about defending my rights, but those rights include the right to be frivolous once in a while!”

Psychic Smackdown!

Dr. Bill “Modified Attack Baboons” Deagle Vs. David Wilcock

It would be difficult to choose between these two modern-day prophets. Dr. Deagle is one of the Two Witnesses described in the Book of Revelation, but on the other hand, David Wilcock accurately forecast the Lewinsky scandal when he described his dreams about stuffed-animal orgies and Godzilla.

There have been some very interesting developments with Bill Deagle this month. If you’re not familiar with Dr. Deagle, you can read my summary of his colourful career here.

On October 5, Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot were at the Nexus magazine conference in Australia (big shock) when they learned that Dr. Deagle had received the same info they had on a Big Event that would occur October 7th.

I’m not familiar with the origins and aims of Project Camelot, but I’ve watched enough of their online videos to know that Cassidy and Ryan interview only the nuttiest of the nutty, including:

– Boriska, a Russian teenager who draws pictures of his past life on Mars.
– Richard Hoagland, the Face on Mars fanatic who believes NASA revealed the ultimate truth about the history of our solar system and “hyperdimensional physics” through a series of 1950s View-Master slides.
– Dan Burisch, an alleged scientist who, with the help of his alien co-worker J-Rod, discovered the Ganesh Particle. This is the seed of life itself, and Burisch was the only microbiologist on Earth qualified to work with it. MJ-12 kindly gave him permission to leak info about his work through paranormal -themed radio talkshows and online forums, so we know that the aliens are actually descendants of humans sent back in time to fix some of the imminent disasters that already happened, by working with their own long-dead ancestors (Rogue astronauts? Richard Branson? The Army of the 12 Monkeys?).
– Duncan O’Finioan, who was inducted into a secret government program called Project Talent in the back room of a Kentucky hardware store when he was 6 years old. Talent turned kids into psychic supersoldiers capable of killing with the power of their minds; O’Finioan and others were used in Vietnam. He also has a bionic arm.
Benjamin Fulford, the former financial journalist whose dead great-grandfather helped him defeat an Illuminati plot to wipe out most of the Chinese population, with the aid of some Freemasonic Ninjas. More on him later.

Anyway, Deagle told Project Camelot about his most recent visions. Like the Old Testament prophets, Deagle retreats to the back of a cave in sackcloth and ashes to grieve for the future (figuratively speaking), and this time he experienced unparalleled pain and horror. He saw images of people bathed in a bluish light, holding their heads while screaming in terror and spinning around in confusion (Nutrimedical Report listeners, perhaps?), smelled burning flesh, and watched seemingly ordinary Chinese-Americans suddenly don military-style uniforms with strange crests on them. He saw martial law, a red sky, blue hats and black ski masks, economic collapse, Chinese and Russian submarines off both U.S. coasts, and nuclear events in U.S. cities which will be blamed on Al Qaeda. These visions aren’t much different from the information he offered in his truly insane Granada Forum lecture (available on Google Video), but this time Dr. Deagle received Spirit Knowledge about a specific date: October 7. That’s not the date when all of these things will occur, however; it’s just the date on which the “Luciferic forces” that will gradually usher in these events will be unleashed.

The U.S. bank bailout was a “Luciferic blood sacrifice” initiated by European countries. In one vision, Deagle saw elder members of the Saudi royal family demanding money from the bailout, owed to them as debt.

Deagle also described his visions of the Oklahoma City bombing, 9/11 (which he already knew about from inside sources), Katrina, and other events. In 1987 he had a vision of a mushroom cloud in the core of Chicago, and he believes this may relate to upcoming events.
At this point in the conversation, Kerry Cassidy told Deagle that she has been having similar premonitions, and assured him it’s OK if he doesn’t want to divulge the specific cities in which these nuclear strikes will occur (not that he had shown any indication of doing that). Deagle coyly admitted that he knows which cities will be hit, but named only L.A.

Deagle says he has premonitions on a daily basis, enough to fill an encyclopedia. He had horrible pain spasms right before 9/11, but this was 100 times worse. The events he foresees will produce massive fear on a global scale, and “transdimensional entities” will feed off this fear just like the creatures in Monsters Inc.

Yes, he actually likened his religious visions to the plot of a Pixar movie.

The events will unfold in a certain sequence:
1. On October 7th an economic collapse will occur in Europe, quickly spreading to the rest of the world.
2. False flag nuclear strikes will take place in major U.S. cities, probably within the next two years, ushering in martial law. The energy grid will be shut down. Between 200,000 and 2 million U.S. residents will die. Routes of escape from affected cities will be blocked off by perimeter guards armed with Directed Energy Weapons and pepper spray (apparently the dinosaurs and Modified Attack Baboons aren’t ready yet).
3. An Avian flu pandemic, combined with climate shift, will result in the starvation of 100 million people. Cloned food will then be introduced to weaken the remaining populace. (Kerry adds that she has heard the cloned food will come out of Mexico.)

Deagle explained that prophecies can be used to stall or even prevent certain events, because they offer the opportunity for prayer, grassroots political activism, and other forms of intercession. But in case none of that works, he offers some advice:

– Visit Nutrimedical.com and listen to The Nutrimedical Report for more information.
– If you live in a warm U.S. city located on a plain or in a valley, do not go east when escaping from it.
– Be properly prepared for pestilence and radiation burns.
– Remove all your money from the bank immediately. Convert it into gold and silver coin and food/water supplies.

It’s quite interesting to me that Deagle’s prophecies always involve things that have already happened. For instance, he wasn’t predicting an economic crisis last year. And he didn’t mention his Oklahoma City, 9/11, or tsunami foreknowledge until long after those events.

None of these new revelations would be in any way significant (they are, after all, the same old stuff Deagle has been peddling since his Prophecy Club days) were it not for a dissenting view voiced by one David Wilcock. I’d never heard of the dude. Turns out he’s a “lecturer/researcher” specializing in the evolution of consciousness, 2012 studies, “Ascension”, and ancient civilizations. He has been interviewed by – you guessed it – Project Camelot. His book The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? highlights the many similarities between himself and the Sleeping Prophet, and includes “documented NASA scientfic proof of interplanetary climate change” and how it “directly impacts our DNA.” He uses a Russian torsion generator for consciousness-raising and “profound healing”. He also has a theory that DNA spontaneously forms from non-organic material that spirals together in the emptiness of space. For more of this gobbledygook, visit his website (www.divinecosmos.com).

Wilcock is also a psychic. In July 1998 he issued a prophecy that a nuclear strike would occur in New York on August 17th. One of his visions included scenes from the recent Godzilla movie. Another consisted of “two vicious bears and two large, fuzzy stuffed-animal type creatures, all male and all having violent sex with each other in a straight line front to back.”

Needless to say, the nuclear strike didn’t happen. But Wilcock was “even more surprised when I discovered that Clinton’s testimony regarding the incident occurring with Miss Lewinsky would occur on August 17….Although the event itself was not a nuclear strike or an act of war, it had an effect on the psychology of everyone. It is this type of effect in consciousness that the [psychic] readings were most likely picking up on…I realized that Clinton’s testimony was forcing all the darkest spots in the collective human psyche out into the open.”

So, essentially, dreaming about a crappy Godzilla remake and X-rated Teddy Bears’ Picnics means that somewhere, a head of state may be enjoying a sexual encounter.

You have been warned.

Anyway, to get back to October 7th, Wilcock told Project Camelot in no uncertain terms that he believes Dr. Deagle is wrong. The ETs who watch over us would never allow such destruction, the elite wouldn’t want to destroy vast tracks of real estate, and if such things were about to happen Wilcock would have heard about it. He pointed out that psychic dreams can be symbolic, and may exaggerate future events. He was also unsettled by Deagle’s Granada Forum talk, saying it was akin to “death porn”. Deagle seemed to enjoy imparting terrible news. I noted this myself. Kerry Cassidy, however, disagreed.

Then Wilcock utterly discredited himself again by saying that his own intuitive information is highly reliable.

The consensus on various New Age/conspiracy forums appeared to be that Deagle is bats*** crazy, but there were still those out there who accepted at least some of his information as credible. A few people were plainly terrified by his predictions. Others felt, for some reason, that Wilcock is the more believable of the two and decided they will not be partaking in any Pestilence Preparedness.

Meanwhile, Benjamin Fulford issued his own dire predictions, adding a new anti-Semitic twist. He warned that if the American people don’t rise up and oust the financial oligarchs and the other members of the “secret inter-married clan of Satan worshippers” that controls the world (and suppresses cool anti-gravity devices), we’ll be heading into WWIII and a global “genocide” at the hands of Zionists and other evildoers. Not even the Freemasonic Ninjas can save us now. A financial “black hole” would become evident on October 5th.

Whatever your view of the U.S. bailout and our current economic crisis, I think we can all agree that October 5th and 7th were neither more nor less eventful in the scheme of things than any other days in the past several months. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with a bit of standard emergency preparedness, there isn’t a single solid reason to believe that the U.S. government will soon nuke its own cities just to bring in martial law and “cloned food”, nor that we will all be herded into vast underground bunkers by Satan-worshipping Zionists. I wouldn’t worry about Deagle’s Bioplasmatic Astral Entities or Modified Attack Baboons, either.

But watch out for those Teddy Bears.

Dead People and Budgies are Smarter

A South African woman called Desteni claims to channel…well, just about everybody. To date she has posted at least 579 videos to YouTube, most of them explaining New Age concepts or answering questions in the guise of dead occult/New Age figures like Osho. Desteni begins each session by taking a deep breath and slipping into a trance-channeling state. Then, usually without change of facial expression, she launches into a spiel from beyond the grave. Her impersonation of Anton LaVey (as a demon) is interesting, because she talks with her hands and looks exuberant. LaVey was just the opposite in his interviews. Apparently, being dead not only makes you wiser – it makes you happier.

Desteni’s website: http://www.desteni-universe.co.za/

Desteni’s YouTube videos: http://www.youtube.com/profile_videos?user=DesteniProductions&p=r

“Parrot intelligence researcher” Ryan Reynolds, an occasional guest on Coast to Coast AM, has a long-term budgie communication project going, called the Budgie Research Group. Reynolds teaches each bird as much English as possible, then records them to see if they’re saying anything meaningful. This by itself is sorta pointless and weird, but now he’s convinced that all budgies are clairvoyant and/or telepathic! He listened reeeallly closely to some recordings and thought he heard “Tsunami Indonesia” and “earthquake” and “Christ is coming soon”. I heard “bwak bwak bwak”, but whatever…

Morrissey: The Next Nostradamus?

David Alice has a theory that singer/songwriter Morrissey predicted the death of Princess Diana…in 1986.

Alice points out links between The Smiths’ album The Queen is Dead and the life/death of Diana. For instance:

For the album cover that makes the announcement that THE QUEEN IS DEAD, Morrissey chose a photo of a French man named Alain (actor Alain Delon).
Correspondingly, the very first public announcement of Princess Diana’s death will wind up being made by a French man named Alain (Doctor Alain Pavie)

Now perhaps Mr. Alice can tell me what the &*%&# “Half a Person” is supposed to be about…