Y2K + 9

A Fun New Year's Quiz! Below are some gloom-&-doom predictions from some of my (least) favourite conspiranoids. You tell me if they're referring to the aftermath of Y2k, or to what they think will happen in '09. Answers are at the bottom. Bonus points for guessing the conspiranoid! Well, OK, no bonus points, but it's... Continue Reading →

The Week in B.S.

- Prophet Yahweh (Ramon Watkins) predicts yet another UFO landing sometime between Halloween and November 11. The aliens want to show their support for Obama. (Prophet Yahweh also claims he can summon UFOs by reciting passages from the Bible, so predictions seem moot.) - I pay little mind to the pop music world, but this... Continue Reading →

Martial Law

A gentleman I know has written a lengthy article on how to survive "marshal law". In case you are unaware: Some 9/11 Truthers and other conspiracy theorists suspect that Bush will suspend the upcoming presidential election and institute martial law throughout the U.S. and Canada, buying the global elite some more time in which to... Continue Reading →

Psychic Smackdown!

Dr. Bill "Modified Attack Baboons" Deagle Vs. David Wilcock It would be difficult to choose between these two modern-day prophets. Dr. Deagle is one of the Two Witnesses described in the Book of Revelation, but on the other hand, David Wilcock accurately forecast the Lewinsky scandal when he described his dreams about stuffed-animal orgies and... Continue Reading →

Dead People and Budgies are Smarter

A South African woman called Desteni claims to channel...well, just about everybody. To date she has posted at least 579 videos to YouTube, most of them explaining New Age concepts or answering questions in the guise of dead occult/New Age figures like Osho. Desteni begins each session by taking a deep breath and slipping into... Continue Reading →

Morrissey: The Next Nostradamus?

David Alice has a theory that singer/songwriter Morrissey predicted the death of Princess Diana...in 1986. Alice points out links between The Smiths' album The Queen is Dead and the life/death of Diana. For instance: "For the album cover that makes the announcement that THE QUEEN IS DEAD, Morrissey chose a photo of a French man... Continue Reading →

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