Dead People and Budgies are Smarter

A South African woman called Desteni claims to channel…well, just about everybody. To date she has posted at least 579 videos to YouTube, most of them explaining New Age concepts or answering questions in the guise of dead occult/New Age figures like Osho. Desteni begins each session by taking a deep breath and slipping into a trance-channeling state. Then, usually without change of facial expression, she launches into a spiel from beyond the grave. Her impersonation of Anton LaVey (as a demon) is interesting, because she talks with her hands and looks exuberant. LaVey was just the opposite in his interviews. Apparently, being dead not only makes you wiser – it makes you happier.

Desteni’s website:

Desteni’s YouTube videos:

“Parrot intelligence researcher” Ryan Reynolds, an occasional guest on Coast to Coast AM, has a long-term budgie communication project going, called the Budgie Research Group. Reynolds teaches each bird as much English as possible, then records them to see if they’re saying anything meaningful. This by itself is sorta pointless and weird, but now he’s convinced that all budgies are clairvoyant and/or telepathic! He listened reeeallly closely to some recordings and thought he heard “Tsunami Indonesia” and “earthquake” and “Christ is coming soon”. I heard “bwak bwak bwak”, but whatever…

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  1. Question: as the self-admitted spouse of a “Truther” who is a skeptic, do you know of a blog, news item or article that references spouses of Truthers talking about other irrational behaviour many Truthers exhibit? Ace of AOSHQ was looking for it. You can email me docweasel@gmail.Thanks.

  2. Nope, don’t know of any. My spouse doesn’t engage in any other irrational behavior aside from eating potato chips. He knows they’ll give him indigestion, but he eats the danged things anyway. Sorry I can’t be of more help – I’ll let you know if I come across anything.

  3. Sigh.. Some bird researchers are major bird brains. One of the people researching African greys also thought her bird was reading her mind, because, you know, it would be just crazy to think that the brain of the bird could possibly be evolved for strong social grouping (its not like thousands of them live cooperatively on cliffs or anything) or capable of complex language concepts (like complex social systems really **require** complex communication to work…).Sane researchers have figured out that, while the skill, memory and abilities vary, all song birds contain a gene mutation that humans also have, but not chimps, etc., which seems to be *required* for taking basic sound making and allowing the creation and use of symbolic thinking as well. Though a “religious” wacko that thinks his bird is not only psychic, but channeling God **is** a new one. lol

  4. I see I'm a little late to this party but since this concerns something happening in my own backyard I just have to comment! Ever since I first heard of this cult there is one question I have been dying to ask. Lets say I accept their premise that people who die violent deaths become "demons" and that this Destini girl can channel them. Why then is it that someone who lives in a province with an annual murder rate of around 5000, in a country where that number goes up exponentially, on a continent where that number goes up by orders of magnitude, only seems to channel famous people/'demons' like Kurt Cobain and the like? Why no unknown Zulu's or Xhosa's who died in political violence or maybe someone from Rwanda or Darfur?But then trying to apply logic here would be a complete waste of time, wouldn't it?

  5. Very good point. It's like afterlife elitism – she'll only channel celebs. All the murder victims, war casualties, and great philosophers of history are probably pleading with Desteni for a turn…

  6. I would like to go to South Africa and learn English to the children, because they do not have the opportunity to study , so I thinks Desteni claims is a spactacular girl!!DD22

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