Y2K + 9

A Fun New Year’s Quiz!

Below are some gloom-&-doom predictions from some of my (least) favourite conspiranoids. You tell me if they’re referring to the aftermath of Y2k, or to what they think will happen in ’09. Answers are at the bottom. Bonus points for guessing the conspiranoid! Well, OK, no bonus points, but it’s still impressive.

1. “The resulting hysteria will reduce the masses to begging for a solution. The new centralized government will offer to restore order only after it imposes two primary conditions: the replacement of monetary systems with anelectronic chip implanted in every man, woman and child, and the worship of one God by all people.”

2. There will be one world government, asset redistribution, a new world currency, one-third of world’s shipping will stopped, and everything will be in a state of suspended animation. In short, total entropy.

3. Thanks to food shortages, mass famines greater than any in history will lead to the starvation deaths of hundreds of millions of people.

4. The present political leaders might “refuse to yield power.”

5. There will be martial law, a red sky, blue hats and black ski masks, economic collapse, Chinese and Russian submarines off both U.S. coasts, and nuclear events in U.S. cities.

1. Y2K. Bo Gritz.

2. 2009. Benjamin Fulford.

3. Trick question. Paul Erlich predicted this would occur in the ’70s and ’80s, in his book The Population Bomb.

4. Y2K. James Dobson.

5. 2009. Bill Deagle. He recommends you buy his First Line of Defense Kit, which is remarkably similar to the Y2K kits hawked by Alex Jones, Pat Robertson, and others.

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