Stupid Alien Tricks

This May, 54-year-old useless-gizmo salesman Jeff Peckman has been pressing the Denver city council to approve a ballot initiative that would allow voters to OK an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission. This proposed 18-member panel would be allotted $75,000 a year to prepare Denver for contact with intelligent beings from space (and/or their vehicles). If he can... Continue Reading →

Ban Dihydrogen Monoxide Now!

I've talked about bogus bottled water before. Penta Water is supposed to be more hydrating than plain old water. Jana Skinny Water contains extracts of an herb called Garcinia cambogia that will supposedly make you feel full, hence it is "diet water". Kabbalah water had some of the spiritual properties of Catholic holy water, only... Continue Reading →

A Million Little Pieces of Crap

WARNING: Contains SPOILERS for the book A Million Little Pieces."I believe there has never been a realistic book about addiction." - James Frey, promotional CD for A Million Little Pieces.This is a brief introduction to James Frey and his 2004 memoir, A Million Little Pieces, which has sold over 3.5 million copies and topped bestseller... Continue Reading →

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