Ghostbusters Part III: The B.S. in Connecticut

A Haunting in ConnecticutThe haunting of a Connecticut funeral parlour that was turned into an apartment building was featured on the Discovery Channel series A Haunting in 2002, and is the basis of the recent horror movie The Haunting in Connecticut. The Discovery documentary should be the more factual of the two retellings, but as... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Weirdness Roundup

"Hi, my name is Bill and I'm the AntiChrist." A website called A True Church declares that Bill W.'s 12 steps came from Satan, and that Bill W. is the "master deceiver" of Revelations 12:9 because he was "heavily influenced by demons", fascinated with ouija boards, seances, psychics, etc. An Unlikely Prophet, Alvin Schwartz's 1997... Continue Reading →

Sylvia Browne, Psychic Clown

Psychic Detectives Part III: Sylvia BrowneI'm willing to give Noreen Renier the benefit of the doubt when it comes to honesty. Maybe she simply isn't as gifted as she thinks she is, and is sloppy when it comes to doing follow-ups.But Sylvia Browne won't be getting any such slack. She is a bald-faced liar and... Continue Reading →

Psychic Detectives Part I

Some of the world's most famous psychics have dabbled in criminal investigation or searches for missing persons. Uri Geller, the Enemy of All Flatware, claimed he worked with the FBI, which has never been confirmed. Jeanne Dixon, arguably the world's most famous psychic next to Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce, claimed that she tried to warn... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Weirdness Roundup

A blog called Suicide Food examines advertisers' use of cute cartoon animals that cheerfully urge you to eat them. (Saturday Night Live lampooned this kind of thing with their decapitated Clucky the Chicken, but Suicide Food takes it to a whole new level.) Far from being a modern marketing trend, however, "suicide food" has always... Continue Reading →

Chicago Tea Party Rant a Hoax?

On March 2, a article by Mark Ames and Yasha Levine, "Backstabber: Is Rick Santelli High On Koch?" (since removed from the site), revealed that CNBC commentater Rick Santelli's apparently spontaneous rant of Feb. 19th, in which he suggested having a "Chicago tea party" to protest Obama's housing stimulous plan, was really a carefully... Continue Reading →

Inspiring Holocaust Memoir Partially Fabricated

A strange literary fraud burns Oprah (again) Nearly every case of literary fraud I've covered on this blog (Anthony Godby Johnson, James Frey, Misha Defonseca, etc.) has one thing in common with every other case: Oprah Winfrey. I don't have anything against Oprah, but I gotta say that woman is gullible. With a capital G.... Continue Reading →

There Are A Few Pitfalls to Thinking Too Much

One perfect example: Overanalyzing the hell out of Disney Channel programming. "Brainpanhandler" at the Rigorous Intuition Forum is freaked over the Disney cartoon Little Einsteins because he thinks the villainous jet that tries to thwart the kidlets leaves a chemtrail behind it. Also, the jet vaguely resembles the F-14 Tomcat. And another Disney Channel cartoon,... Continue Reading →

Most Boring

Since I don't live in a kid-dense area, Halloweens are pretty quiet. I'm spending much of this one watching the Most Haunted marathon on the W network. Tell me, does anything ever happen on this show? The historical tidbits at the beginning are interesting, but then the program just turns into an hour of people... Continue Reading →

Deja Ew

TV ads for Dianetics and Amway? That is so '87. "The Land of Will": Nauseatingly ridiculous TV spot for the cult known as Quixtar. Notice how they throw in the first mention of Quixtar at the very, very end of the commercial, almost reluctantly? And how they don't actually mention what they're supposedly selling? I'll... Continue Reading →

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