I couldn’t resist sharing…

This has been popping up on a lot of blogs, but I couldn't resist sharing... A Stephen Colbert-puppet rant on Jenny McCarthy, from The Rant Puppets. This is not meant as a slam of Ms. McCarthy herself - just the pseudoscientific, fear-based campaign of which she is the most prominent member. For more info, see... Continue Reading →

Good Model, Poor Role Model

I'm relieved to see a long-overdue website aimed at the most visible anti-vaccination scaremonger in America: Stop Jenny McCarthy. That a bisexual nude model famous for her gross-out behaviour can reinvent herself as a role model for parents of autistic children and as a vaccine "expert" says much about our culture. It's not that I... Continue Reading →

Alex Jones: Anatomy of a Nervous Breakdown

I listen to Mr. Jones once or twice a week, which is about all I can handle. Any more of the guy and I'd laugh myself to death. But even I'm not laughing at him much these days. I can't even giggle when I realize that I am witnessing the last threads of sanity being... Continue Reading →

The Perils of Paranoia

It could just be me, but I've been noticing a dramatic uptick in paranoia these days... - As I write this, people believe that the Noble Resolve Joint Forces defense exercises will be used to launch a real false-flag nuclear attack on the United States. This will happen by midnight tomorrow. - A friend concerned... Continue Reading →

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