Happy Canada Day!

We'll be back tomorrow. (Well, Hans won't - he's usually pretty messed up the day after Canada Day...)


Again, my apologies for the extremely sporadic posting. Family-related commitments and general drama have kept me away too long, but we're back on track. Without further ado...


for the unannounced hiatus. Truther drama, spring weather, and a kick-ass new Brompton bike have been devouring my time. I should be able to fold the bike as efficiently as this guy does, but that's just not happening yet...I look more like Lucille Ball trying to be an aerospace engineer. It's sad.Anyway, we'll be back... Continue Reading →

Traffic Cams

The Wall Street Journal weighs in on the morons who believe traffic cameras are an unlawful invasion of privacy (as they drive drunk down our publicly funded roads, endangering the public, making more work for our publicly funded law enforcement). Sadly, the article is actually quite sympathetic to their gripes. If you don't want a... Continue Reading →

Friday Night Fun and Frivolity with TrutherBitch

The Truther/bitch known here as TrutherBitch is, as you've probably guessed from previous posts about her (here and here), a spam queen. Roughly every third email the Significant Other receives is from her, and 98% of them are written (I use the word loosely) in ALL CAPS, bold, and in 48. (ironic that when the... Continue Reading →


Today is Z Day, the day on which Zeitgeist fans all over the world congregate to be paranoid, self-righteous, and misinformed together. I was going to do a slew of posts on how derivative, simplistic, naive, and fact-free(not to mention boring) Zeitgeist is, but I really don't feel like it at the moment. Let's face... Continue Reading →

Shout Out

The fellows at Screw Loose Change mentioned my Alex Jones blog, Leaving Alex Jonestown, at the end of yesterday's post about The Obama Deception. Thanks, guys! As some of you know, my significant other is a Truther, so I'm not really into poking fun at the movement in a sarcastic way (at least not very... Continue Reading →

Links Purge

From 1957, one of the stupidest contactee scams ever. The next time somebody asks you to invest in a product they learned to produce on Venus, justdon't. If you drink heavily, then squint for half an hour, you too can see cool man-made structures on the moon! Someone has used a "Penetrating Photographic Process" to... Continue Reading →

It’s Darwin’s Birthday!

To celebrate, you can watch NOVA's excellent recap of the Dover trial, "Intelligent Design on Trial", online here! If you can find a copy, I also recommend Randy Olson's comic documentary Flock of Dodos, which I think is a good answer to Expelled (even though it came out before Expelled). The Discovery Institute was so... Continue Reading →

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