Today is Z Day, the day on which Zeitgeist fans all over the world congregate to be paranoid, self-righteous, and misinformed together. I was going to do a slew of posts on how derivative, simplistic, naive, and fact-free(not to mention boring) Zeitgeist is, but I really don’t feel like it at the moment. Let’s face it, the folks who really, really dig Zeitgeist are pretty much beyond hope, anyway. So I’ll just summarize my thoughts on the *film*:

Part I: In which Peter Joseph alienates the majority of his viewers by trying to convince them that Judaism and Christianity are just a retooling of ancient solar cults. Basically Brian Flemming’s documentary The God Who Wasn’t There blended with the “research” of Jordan Maxwell, the guy who says, “‘Christ’ means ‘oil’. That’s why we have Crisco”, “98% of Judaism is worship of the planet Saturn”, and “Zionism is a Teutonic/Germanic death cult.”

Part II: This part promises to explore myth as sacred narrative. Maybe things are looking up for this film! But no. It’s all about 9/11. Loose Change, only looser. Includes audio by Ted Gunderson, fer crying out loud. The guy who told Geraldo that 50,000 Americans are sacrificed by Satanists every year. The guy who says Osama bin Laden is really “Tim Osman”. The guy who subscribes to the Sonny Bono assassination-by-tree theory. Jesus Christ. Oops, I mean Sun of God. Whatever.

Part III: Mangled information about central banking and the Federal Reserve, which Joseph expands on in Zeitgeist: Addendum. Nothing you can’t get from Birchers or Ron Paul. If the Fed deliberately implodes the economy for shits and giggles, would someone please explain to me why Bernanke was sweating bullets on 60 Minutes tonight?
The banking stuff is capped off with some Aaron Russo footage about the illegality of income tax. I assume it’s merely coincidence that the people who say income tax is unconstitutional are the same people who just happen to owe millions in back taxes…
Next up is a relatively sensible overview of false flag operations, war profiteering, divide and conquer strategies, etc. I’m not saying this part makes sense; I’m just saying it makes more sense than Ted Gunderson and Jordan Maxwell.

Zeitgeist: Addendum features the total B.S. of John Perkins, conman/author of Confessions of an A**hole Who Makes Stuff Up Economic Hit Man, as well as lots more ill-informed bitching about fractional reserve banking. But Addendum also features the point of Zeitgeist, the whole reason Joseph created this hot mess in the first place…

The Venus Project

What does the Venus Project want us to do, exactly?

It was dreamed into existence in the mid ’70s by a resident of Venus, Florida, inventor and futurist Jacque Fresco. He envisioned an end to poverty via the development of technology that will make more resources available to more people, as well as the replacement of our money-based economy with a resource-based economy.

It’s quite similar to Buckminster Fuller’s “ephemeralization“, which won’t work either.

Both Venus and ephemeralization seem to be based on the Smurf model of society. Baker Smurf will bake because he likes to bake, and will share his muffins with everyone freely. Papa Smurf will dispense wisdom because he’s older and smarter than the other Smurfs. And Vanity Smurf will do everybody’s hair because he’s… well, I’ll leave that one up to you to decide.

This will not work. Few farmers are going to produce free food for thousands of people out of the goodness of their hearts. In the Bible, farming was the very first curse that God placed upon man as punishment for his disobedience. I’m not saying this literally happened, but it does seem to embody an ancient and essential truth: Farming is really frickin’ hard.

What we would end up with under Venus would be an agrarian society in which everyone would have to do their own subsistence farming, build their own homes, and barter frantically for all other essentials. Hardly “freedom from economic slavery”.

Also, you can eliminate money, but you can never eliminate greed. The unscrupulous among us will find ways to exploit any non-monetary system we create.

The Bottom Line

Zeitgeist concludes with the words, “A choice right now between love and fear.”

Hmm. What does that leave out?

Oh, right. As Donnie Darko would say, “THE ENTIRE SPECTRUM OF HUMAN EMOTION!!”

Happy Z Day, everybody.

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  1. By a bit of a coincidence (though not by much, for reasons that are obvious), I ran into this article which includes in it a review of “Zeitgist” of some interest:http://www.utne.com/2008-01-01/Politics/Towers-of-Babble.aspxThe first 40 minutes explain in detail why Christianity is a sham and Jesus Christ is not the messiah. It’s fairly well argued and revolves around commonly known facts: Many early religions had messianic stories involving virgin births, crucifixions, celebrations on December 25, and so on. The second part is devoted to 9/11 Truth, and it’s probably the most clearly stated case I’ve seen, covering the “facts” concisely. The third part of Zeitgeist lost me entirely—it’s a screed about how everything has always been a part of a master plan to create a New World Order, and the film’s emotional climax involves a documentary filmmaker befriending a loose-lipped Rockefeller family member who blurts out the events of 9/11 . . . nearly one year before they happened!It’s fascinating, this structure. First the film destroys the idea of God, and then, through the lens of 9/11, it introduces a sort of new Bizarro God. Instead of an omnipotent, omniscient being who loves you and has inspired a variety of organized religions, there is an omnipotent, omniscient organization of ruthless beings who hate you and want to take your rights away, if not throw you in a work camp forever. Zeitgeist is the film most Truthers mention online when they’re new to the movement, and it believes in a magical fairyland dominated by evil villains. It’s fiction, couched in a few facts.Incidentally, with regards to Webster Tarpley: Here's an interesting analysis of Webster Tarpley as defined as a purer form of Larouchism than Larouche:http://www.factnet.org/vbforum/showpost.php?p=376918&postcount=1067AND probably as good a reason that Webster Tarpley left that orbit as any:http://www.factnet.org/vbforum/showpost.php?p=361342&postcount=1087

  2. I think the 9/11 portion of Zeitgeist is its weakest link; the “explosions” at the WTC (percussive sounds when planes hit buildings and the buildings suffer massive damage and collapse…wow, that’s pretty anomalous!), the usual crap about Flights 77 and 93 “vaporizing”, and a little racism for good measure. (Jordan Maxwell: “We are given to understand that an Arabic guy…up in the mountains, financed the most elaborate attack on this country.”)I really don’t know why Tarpley split with LaRouche (that press conference that wasn’t a press conference is pretty much the norm with LaRouche, so I don’t think that had anything to do with his departure, years later). I wonder sometimes if Tarpley only pretended to leave LaRouche’s org, in order to recruit or set up his own “franchise.” But now I’m getting paranoid, so I’ll stop.

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