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The fellows at Screw Loose Change mentioned my Alex Jones blog, Leaving Alex Jonestown, at the end of yesterday’s post about The Obama Deception. Thanks, guys!

As some of you know, my significant other is a Truther, so I’m not really into poking fun at the movement in a sarcastic way (at least not very often). But I do like the general idea behind Screw Loose Change because, let’s face it, that *movie* is a hot mess, and a massive percentage of the *information* disseminated by most Truthers is gobbledygook (at best).

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  1. Her Significant other (9/11 civil information activist)indeed a truther and proud to be one! has a web site, the folks at “Screw Loose Change” are always welcome to seek the truth regarding the lies and crimes of 9/11! Respectfully! Richard D. Brinkman, Say hello to Ron Wiebe for me. One day you guys will wake-up! Cheers!

  2. Hey, I found Leaving Alex Jonestown via Screw Loose Change, and this site from there.I read most blogs through Google Reader. You don’t have post titles turned on for this blog, show they all show up as (title unknown). Could you enable that feature in your settings so the titles show up in your feed? It set properly in the other blog.Thanks.

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