Wednesday Weirdness Roundup: Wannabe Rappers

I have seriously lost track of the number of YouTube vids and homemade documentaries that attempt to expose the supposed links between rap/hip-hop music and the Illuminati/Satanism. Run a YT search for "sold out to Illuminati" and you'll see what I mean - there are even vids explaining how 2Pac was assassinated because he wasn't... Continue Reading →

The Prodigal Witch Part III: John Todd (Part II)

space John Todd as a character in the Jack Chick comic Spellbound? continued from Part I The Big Time In August 1973, Todd married Sharon Garver. He was preaching and performing faith healings on the road, having been fired from the Christian coffeehouse for allegedly hitting on teenage girls. This was the year that Todd... Continue Reading →

The Prodigal Witch Part III: John Todd

Part I The only positive thing I can say about the late John Todd is that he makes everyone else in this series look pretty good by comparison. At the height of his fame as a "former witch" he was also a sexual predator, a military imposter, and a practicing witch who used several aliases.... Continue Reading →

Conspiracy Monday: Review of Paul McCartney Really is Dead

Mockumentary, or documentary based on a hoax? The other day I watched a peculiar documentary titled Paul McCartney Really Is Dead: The Last Testament of George Harrison, directed by Joel Gilbert. Gilbert claims that on July 31, 2005, the office of Highway 61 Entertainment received a package with no return address, postmarked in London. It... Continue Reading →

Stupid Bloody Wednesday

A very excitable man named Joe Niezgoda was last night's guest on Coast to Coast AM, peddling his new book The Lennon Prophecy. I couldn't quite grasp most of what Mr. Niezgoda was trying to say in his manic spiel (the term "pressured speech" comes to mind), but in general he was trying to convince... Continue Reading →

The Michael Jackson Conspiracy Theories

Unlike everyone else in the universe, I didn't OD on Michael coverage last week, thanks to my vacation. Other than having to hear my grandparents complain for the umpteenth time that Michael's people tried to take over an entire floor of a hotel in Kansas where they were staying two decades ago, I really wasn't... Continue Reading →

Conspiracy Monday: The Ballad of Butler County

spaceTo be fair, the story of Debra Hunter Pitts can't really be called a conspiracy theory. The proper designation would be "unadulterated bullshit".She waited many years to tell her tale, and when the time was right, she selected only the most unimpeachable information outlets: Rabid anti-Zionist broadcaster Greg Szymanski, and conspiracy researcher Wes Penre (founder... Continue Reading →

The Week in B.S.

- Prophet Yahweh (Ramon Watkins) predicts yet another UFO landing sometime between Halloween and November 11. The aliens want to show their support for Obama. (Prophet Yahweh also claims he can summon UFOs by reciting passages from the Bible, so predictions seem moot.) - I pay little mind to the pop music world, but this... Continue Reading →

Morrissey: The Next Nostradamus?

David Alice has a theory that singer/songwriter Morrissey predicted the death of Princess 1986. Alice points out links between The Smiths' album The Queen is Dead and the life/death of Diana. For instance: "For the album cover that makes the announcement that THE QUEEN IS DEAD, Morrissey chose a photo of a French man... Continue Reading →

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