Stupid Bloody Wednesday

A very excitable man named Joe Niezgoda was last night’s guest on Coast to Coast AM, peddling his new book The Lennon Prophecy. I couldn’t quite grasp most of what Mr. Niezgoda was trying to say in his manic spiel (the term “pressured speech” comes to mind), but in general he was trying to convince the listening audience that Paul really is dead, that John had a pact with the Devil, and that John predicted the death of Paul (in code, of course).

The first big clue Niezgoda noticed was the title of Paul’s 1997 album Flaming Pie. John once told an interviewer that he got the name of The Beatles from a dream in which a “little man on a flaming pie” spoke to him, and Niezgoda found it extremely odd that Paul would use the same phrase years later. Even though John and Paul worked together for over a decade.

Niezgoda feels certain there’s “something Satanic” about The Beatles’ success, but he couldn’t provide much in the way of evidence. He just pointed out that “The Beatles” is an anagram for “Seal the Bet”, and that John Lennon was “blasphemous” (Niezgoda is Catholic). You can see more of his *clues* at his blog and website. I’ll stick with the Morrissey prophecies.

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  1. I listen to C2Cam on occasion…about 15% of it is good intelligence, the rest is borderline fluff. They need to purge the show. The recap was about Billy Meir and his goofy UFO stories….UFO's are real, but not Billies.BTW- I left some comments on your Larry Sinclair, Dr. William Deagle,and Nexus articles.

  2. See your post/comments for March 4 2008 "All too typical"…I want my own modified attack baboon…Stalin tried this, the work might continue…I see baboons everywhere….Coasttocoastam needs work, for sure. Ian Punnet gets the more rational cases, he wont let a bull-sh'er get away with much…

  3. hey smeee- have you considered doing a profile on Fomenko and his New Chronology? He's a russian who recently wrote a revised historical timeline…he claims the ancient world and the dark ages never happened, history starts around AD 900, Jesus christ was born about 1054 AD, etc…History was fabricated after AD 1600 by enemies of Russia to weaken her claims for cultural greatness, etc.The theory has support in russia, the book has sold millions of copies there…its an obvious whack job, yet still a monument to the human imagination?

  4. Yes, indeedy, I have. Fomenko made my list of weirdest/stupidest conspiracy theories, but I haven't dealt with the theory in any depth yet.

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