2012 Prediction Fail

The Winner The biggest fail is the late Terence McKenna's Timewave Zero prediction. First published in 1975, it was predicated on McKenna's complex novelty theory about the cyclical nature of time, and guesstimated that some kind of awesome singularity would occur in December 2012 (the date was based partly on his own calculations and partly... Continue Reading →

The Prodigal Witch XII: Doc Marquis

space Doc Marquis lecturing for The Prophecy Club, c. 1997 In the mid '80s, an Illuminati defector and former devil worshiper known as Joseph "Doc" Marquis slipped into the niche vacated by John Todd, who was serving time for a rape conviction. Marquis started out as a virtual John Todd clone, but proved to be... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Weirdness Roundup

In case you're not wasting largish chunks of your life digging into odd conspiracy theories, like me, here's a relatively coherent capsule of the Swine Flu conspiracy, combined with the FEMA concentration camp/mass grave conspiracy (from the Goldenheart Chronicles blog): "We now have more than 500 FEMA concentration camps which have been built all over... Continue Reading →

Conspiracy Monday: And the award for Stupidest Michael Jackson Death Conspiracy Theory goes to….

According to a June 25th article at Natural News.com (home to all the alternative-health weirdness you can handle, plus more), Jane Burgermeister is an Austrian investigative journalist who recently filed criminal charges with the FBI against the World Health Organization, the United Nations, Barack Obama, various pharmaceutical company executives and public health officials, and others*.... Continue Reading →

Start the Revolution Without Me

Or, better yet, just don't start one at all. With Alex Jones getting more shrill and fatalistic by the day and Glenn Beck talking about FEMA concentration camps, a few conspiranoids seem to be thinking this is Zero Hour: Act now, or forever hold your peace in an American gulag. You know the conspiranoid community... Continue Reading →

What Kind of F***ery is This?

As usual, I can't find corroboration of any sort for most of the statements made by Alex Jones in his July 29th broadcast. If anyone knows more about this stuff than I do, please enlighten me so we can all fight the New World Order together. No, not really. After ranting for a considerable length... Continue Reading →

How to Escape the FEMA Dragnet

Dissidents of various stripes believe that at any time now they will be woken in the small hours by government thugs and dragged to FEMA-operated detainment facilities. Who, exactly, are these facilities designed to imprison? Depends who you ask. Patriots will say Patriots, 9/11 Truthers will say 9/11 Truthers, and polygamous creepazoids will say "the... Continue Reading →

The Perils of Paranoia

It could just be me, but I've been noticing a dramatic uptick in paranoia these days... - As I write this, people believe that the Noble Resolve Joint Forces defense exercises will be used to launch a real false-flag nuclear attack on the United States. This will happen by midnight tomorrow. - A friend concerned... Continue Reading →

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